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How to Avoid Stress: 8 Best ways to reduce your stress level

By on December 27, 2016
How to Avoid Stress: 8 Best ways to reduce your stress level

At some point or the other, each and every individual has already experienced it. It has various factors associated, call it a busy and mechanical lifestyle, living in a concrete jungle, lack of healthy lifestyle and the list goes on and on. To be honest there is article will definitely help you to give some quick tips to manage your stress.

1.   Concentrate on your surroundings:

We humans have an absolute power to think and analyze stuff when compared to other living beings. Concentrate on the different sounds that come from your surroundings and try to frame a tune for the same. This will help you to divert your mind and also helps you to be creative.If you have your mobile phone handy, then you can prefer listening to your own song collection but this is more routine and doesn’t add any value to yourself improvement. It is just a choice for the individual, ultimately listening to music will definitely reduce the stress levels.

2.   Talk to a friend

Talking to your old buddies while you’re stressed is definitely a good option and it will definitely reduce the stress for an individual. Based on the discussion you might end up meeting up for a drink after work or plan for a get together over the weekend, which is always good and also gives you a break from the mechanical life.

3.  Talk yourself through it

Stress can be a devil sometimes and it is really bad and gets you act up cranky. In this situations talking to yourself is the best option rather than relying on anyone else. One has to calm his mind by telling himself about the situation and it is going to last temporarily and motivate yourself to look at brighter side of life.

4.  Eat right

Stress is a beast altogether and there is no definite reason why an individual is stressed out. It can be your lifestyle and eating habits. If you are not eating right you are not providing necessary protein and nutrients to your body and ultimately leads to a lot of side effects, one being stress.

In this busy schedule, people often tend to lose motivation and always look for a quick bite and most of the time it’s not healthy food. If you can inculcate a habit of including vegetables and fruits in your diet, it will be helpful.

5.  Laugh it off


Laughter is one of the best medicines in the world, it releases endorphins which improves your mood and decreases the stress levels of an individual by balancing cortisol and adrenaline hormones. Watching kids is the best thing an individual can get and one can enjoy with a pure heart. Most of the time I tend to watch standup comedy series on YouTube. If you are not sure but want to laugh then I would suggest you go to YouTube and search for funny videos and I can bet you will never be bored again.

6.  Take a small Break:


Sometimes continuous efforts doesn’t yield results, one has to give small breaks to make sure you are giving enough time for yourself and calm your thoughts. This will help you to be fresh for rest of your day work and also these small breaks will help you get creative ideas about your existing tasks or unfinished work and in fact you end up planning perfectly.

7.  Quick Exercises


Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean powerlifting at the gym or training for a marathon. A short walk around the office or simply standing up to stretch during a break at work can offer immediate relief in a stressful situation. Getting your blood moving releases endorphins and can improve your mood almost instantaneously.

Among us we have a common myth that exercises are only done at Gym and powerlifting is the only exercise but it not true. A minute walk can also be considered as a small exercise and simple stretches help you to reduce your stress levels. A simple breathing exercise, it can be done at your work desk and you don’t need any tool or equipment to exercise.

8.  Sleep well


Lack of sleep is another major contributor which is the primary cause of stress. It is evident that if you are not sleeping well then your body and brain is not rejuvenated for next day activities. So we recommend you to visit a doctor if you are having sleeping disorders and also make sure no electronic devices are available near your bed. We recommend having your phone in silent mode while sleeping as this won’t disturb your sleep. Based on your needs one can adjust the settings and make sure you can have sound sleep.

Well, these are few tips that can help you manage your stress levels better but also practicing and mastering these techniques will yield better results. Hope you all have stress free life 🙂

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How to Plan your budget carefully?

By on December 26, 2016

A person can be defined by the people around him like friends, colleagues, family, etc. It is not always necessary for them to have a similar attitude and mentality like yours. Ultimately, they have an impact on your lifestyle.

This article will help talk about ” How to Plan your budget carefully“?

In general, every person is likely to have and get to meet people from different classes of life. All that matters is who are you getting influenced by! Are your friends or family acting like your motivators or role models?? Are they having any impact in your life?
How to plan your budget carefully

I say very a few are able to differentiate good amongst the bad. We must frame certain limits which we are never going to cross no matter what or who forces you because it will ultimately show its impact on you. Having more number of people in your life is not valued when compared to the kind of people you have.

You have to be very cautious while selecting people you hang out with especially when you are on a plan of saving money. Life is just not the same always, it’s never too late to set a limit on the money you are going to spend.

Here are a few tips you can follow if you want to live a happy budget-conscious life:

If you have more of partiers in your group then you are likely to spend more, to reduce the count and start hanging out with people who are economical.

Create an opportunity:

Try out part-time jobs by which you stay focused on work, indulge in new things, meet new people which result in making money at the same time.

Be a Planner:
How to Plan your budget carefully

There certainly have to be someone to take the initiative of coming up with ideas when you plan for a get-together or like. Why don’t you be the person? By doing so, you can set a plan which you want and is reasonable. This will develop your organizing and managing skills which are good for an individual.

Introduce new ideas:

Suggest potluck parties which are fun, wallet-friendly and are trending too. You can always put on some extra efforts of making it more exciting by coming forward with different games, fun activities and etc. Instead of partying Friday nights you can save the money and plan for cycling on a Sunday morning. This is much more relaxing, it will be fun if your friends join you.

Budgeting is fun:

Budgeting is not about restricting the way you live or would love to. It’s just about priorities and making best of what you have. It’s about focussing on long-term goals by giving up on few short-term one. Well, planned budgeting is nothing but investing in a better future.

Planning out any activity that involves nature is fun and inexpensive say it be trekking. Form a clutch, pack your bags and go over. Trust me it will be one of the best low budget trips you might ever have.

Be a self Accountant:
How to plan your budget carefully

Maintain a record of what you have earned, mark your own target, let the month go. See what you are left with it at the end. By doing this you can have a focus on how much is left and can plan accordingly for the next month and the next and the next. Mentoring kids about these aspects of their children is very important and we need to educate them about these aspects  (Facts with the kids)

Involve your spouse:

If you are married involve your spouse in planning and maintaining your budget cause there is no better person to understand you better than your spouse.

Never ever hide your budget near your spouse or kids, if you have any. Cause they are your family and every decision of yours will certainly impact them too.

Express yourself:

Many at times you get carried away by your friends or people around you. Believe me or not your friend’s behavior and emotion will have an impact on you. You tend to imitate those you are surrounded by.
How to plan your budget carefully

If you are a social activist you will definitely have many events coming now and then. You must be very sure while picking up the events you are going to spend on. Ask few questions before saying yes to any event. What is the event about? Are you getting any benefit from it? How much are they charging to attend the event? Is it worth spending for such event? Don’t you get other opportunities attending similar events?

All in all, it is all laid back to the individual, one has to understand and make their own decisions and it is one of the qualities that the individual has to develop through experiences. If you are still lost and didn’t match your goals then you must follow 50 30 20 budget rule.

So what is 50 30 20 budget rule?

So 50 30 20 budget rule is nothing but your entire net income for the month is divided into three categories of expenses. So let’s understand this in a bit more detail:

50% of your net income for the month should be allocated for your needs.  This amount should be exactly met and no extra amount should be used to fulfill the need. You have to be very strict in terms of controlling your needs. Basically, need vs necessity should be evaluated.  Need is something that is good to have. Necessity is something that is necessary for survival.

So the next 30% of your net income for the month should be allocated for your wants. This can include savings or can be accumulated for your long-term goals. This 30% is something that you can save or you can spend based on your want list. This is extremely important and one should be very cautious about what they are going for.

Rest of 20% of your net income for the month should be allocated for your loans and debt repayments. This amount should be limited to only 20% of your net income. So we advise staying away from the EMI based product buying options.  Initially,  the offer looks attractive but your monthly debt repayment amount will be significantly increased and after some time it becomes a burden.

This article is focused on teenagers and newly married couples and to the matter of the fact anyone who is looking to save money.


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How to reduce the effects of Technology on your children?

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How to reduce the effects of Technology on your children?

Well, it is a big topic to deal with. First, let’s recap what we as parents are doing on daily basis and by end of the article we will be able to understand and list different ways to reduce the effects of technology on our children.

We feel proud to say that we are getting technologically advanced day by day. Acceptance of which started showing its other side. We want everything to be automated and equipped no matter it be a normal pen or plane. With no wonder, we can call it an era of Artificial Intelligence.There was a time when people expected robots to replace the human. Recently, there came a news stating that robots are ready to get implemented.

Did we ever wonder about the impact these advancements are going to leave us or on our future generations?

We find kids using all types of gadgets and feel proud to see them using these with an ease. Mobile phones, iPad’s, tablets, etc. available in the market and most of the kids want them these days.
It is a good sign if they use it for their benefit but do you think that is really happening? I would say a big no to it

Let me tell you why I said no to the above statement:

How are your kids doing their projects or home works?

Answer: By browsing the internet.
How did we do?
Answer: by thinking, referring to other books.

By this, we can say that they have stopped to put efforts on thinking and working on their own home works. Wherein, parents feel proud to say that their kid scored the highest.


Kids get tantalized towards video games available online or by play stations. There are many applications freely available over the internet which get installed in less than a minute. Parents show the same to their kids which results in a situation where they lose motivation to go out and play. With this, they stop interacting with people other than family and school friends. We can see this change already happening around us.

We as kids were forced to stay home to study and do our home works when we wanted to go out and play. We used to have gangs, random talks, all other memories.

Do the kids of this generation have those?     Not really!!

All that they have is a limited group of friends, gadgets and four walls.
Are they making memories? No!
How is a two-year-old kid able to operate the phone?


Because they see their parents operating the same. Parents are first teachers of the child. Every act of the parent whether positive or negative will have the same effect on their kids. They operate fan, light, AC etc. from their phones. Kids see and learn the same. They become lazy as they don’t even move from the place they are for minimum things. This will have a very bad health effects in the near future while the kid is growing.

As a firm believer in the saying “whatever you give will come back to you” it is just the same here. Your kid is your reflection. You do well he will just do the same. They see what their parents show. Their growth depends on the surroundings he is in. Firstly it is the responsibility of the parents to mold and guide them. As the parents can’t always be there beside the kid their motivation does all the magic. Every situation that a kid comes across has two ways, good and bad. So the way he is raised is all that matters.
At the age of two where very few kids start talking, now started operating gadgets.


Giving freedom to choose their life is only thing parents can give. Giving whatever they ask for makes them stubborn and overhasty. It is no wonder that 8 out of 10 kids at the age of five or six say that they are in love. How can a kid know what is love? That sounds crazy, isn’t it?

They learn from what they see. That is pictures, TV shows, etc. There should be some restrictions on where you take the kids and what you show them. To all those parents who party late night, booze and get back home. Beware your kid is watching you.

Kids have more grasping power when compared to elders. We think they don’t pay attention to what they see or listen. The fact is everything they see and listen at their early age gets registered in their brain.

We as grownups have to know that we are been watched every moment and our kids are learning the same. To be a responsible parent one has to motivate their kids to gel with others and encourage them to play outdoors and from time to time if your budget permits then we would suggest organizing small parties for the kids where they can meet and play outdoors.

If you are a parent and observed this on daily basis then you should definitely implement a change in your lifestyle. Your kid is watching you and learning passively from you.

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How to save YouTube videos for free and watch offline later

By on December 20, 2016

How to save YouTube videos for free and watch offline

 Yes, you can download videos for free, this article will walk you through step by step process.

Most of us on a daily basis go to YouTube to either listen/watch to music/shows or to learn something new. Well, for you to enjoy un-interrupted services one must have an active internet connection or should be hooked to a Wi-Fi connection.

Well if you are addicted to spending time on YouTube and don’t have the mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.  Don’t worry anymore because YouTube has launched their “Offline” services so that you can download few videos and watch it at the later point of the time. Yes, you can download the videos for free and watch offline later

Prerequisites to use YouTube Offline
  • One should have a smartphone with considerable amount of space
  • One should download YouTube application and should be updated to the current version
  • One should have mobile internet connection (preferably 3G or 4G connections)
  • One should have an active Gmail account and it should be linked to your “YouTube” accountHow to use YouTube offline
How to use YouTube Offline:
  • To use the option, one has to tap into the YouTube application.
  • Your home screen displays information about the email id that is been used to log into the application.
  • On the screen, you get to see different options
  • Click on Settings option, on the screen to proceed
How to enable Offline mode within YouTube:

How to use YouTube offline

  • Once you are on the Settings screen, you will be able to Turn On or Turn Off “Offline” mode by toggling ON/OFF button. It is available in the top right-hand corner.
  • Download options: You will be able to determine the download options so that one can effectively utilize their mobile data.
  • Based on your phone memory/ SD card memory, YouTube application will show you the leftover memory space.
How to download Videos from YouTube App:

How to download videos from YouTube

Based on your browsing, if you want to save any videos, you get to see a downward arrow next to the video title. The user has tap on download button and the video will be downloaded.

How to use YouTube offline

How to view Downloaded Videos from YouTube App:

How to use YouTube offline

  • For you to access these videos, one has to make sure that their Status is turned on for “Offline” mode. Based on this mode all available videos are displayed.
  • Once you tap on Available videos, a list of all videos are displayed and the user will have an option to play the videos by click on “Play” button.
How to remove an existing video from the log:

How to use YouTube offline

The user has to tap on the three dots and this will open up an option where the user will be able to delete the video from the log. A confirmation popup will appear for the user to confirm. Based on the option selected video will be removed from the list and left over memory space is refreshed.

How to use YouTube offline

Using this option has definitely made my travel entertaining. I was able to save few videos that I watched during my late night bus travels and also I didn’t notice the time. If you have a smartphone and you travel a lot, we recommend you to try this as well.

Share your thoughts and let us know whether it was helpful or not


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My Visit to Saraswathi Temple in Vargal

By on

My motivation to travel has doubled because I get to capture the moments and also at the same time express the same on my blog. This is my first attempt describing a short trip that I had planned over the weekend with my entire family.

How did I finalize my place firstly?

This is the first and foremost question that every individual will have on his mind when they are ready to travel, but they are unsure about the place and the way. Well I didn’t want to get stuck with this thought, so I took on to other blogger’s experience and started browsing few articles over the internet and finally zipped through few places where I can travel back and forth in a day and get a good night sleep over the weekend.

So, the first criteria was to find out a place where it is easy to commute and should be less than 100KM drive. Secondly, the place should be in a stage where I would get some crowd rather than going to a remote place as I was going along with the family so I had to look for something comfortable for everyone. I found few places where we decided to try out Saraswati Temple at Vargal. Well I have heard about this temple from few of my relatives and friends before and this excited me to visit the place and obviously visit the spiritual place.


What is this place famous for?

According to Hindu culture, kids at 2-3 years age go through “Aksharaabyasa” ceremony and Basara is very well known for it. The same ceremony can be done at Vargal Saraswati temple who are nearby to the place. “Vargal” is known for “Aksharaabyasa” for children and also it is one of the popular pilgrimage sites around Medak and Hyderabad.

How to reach Vargal?

I chose to drive to Vargal from my place as it was more comfortable and also I was in a place where I can use “Outer Ring Road” and skip the traffic. The place was about 90kms from my home and it took me about an hour and half to reach the place.


How did I pay my Toll Tax?

As everyone is aware of the “Modi’s effect on our currency, all Tolls were not accepting old 500 and 1000 Rupee notes and unfortunately I was carrying few old notes and I couldn’t use it and finally I have tried different options of payment like “Paytm” and debit/credit card swipes and finally I was able to pay my Toll Fee by swiping my Credit Card and experience was wonderful. Being a techie guy I had different plans on my head about automating the whole Toll fee payment process but I held on to that thought and got back to driving.

Roads were really good and at regular intervals, I get to see Sign boards and directions to the temple and I found few places where you could stop by for a quick “chai” (i.e. aka Indian Tea) and get going with the driving. I have used Google Maps (Read More: How to use Google Maps offline ) to direct me from my home to Vargal and entire journey was smooth and I didn’t face any signal drop during my travel.

More information about the temple:

I am happy that temple authorities are taking time and making sure that they have online presence as well and I was able to find all the information related to the temple here

Timings: 6 AM – 12.30 PM and 4 PM – 7.30 PM from Monday to Thursday, 6 am – 2 pm and 4 pm- 7.30 pm from Friday to Sunday. For more information of their website please check their website.


Well if you are not driving then you can also use Telangana Bus Transportation which starts at 10.15 AM from Secunderabad and again a shuttle runs from Temple to Secunderabad at evening time around 5.00PM.

My Experiences:


  • If you are traveling with elderly people then I would suggest to use Lift’s as this temple is located on the elevated hill and it is going to be difficult for elderly people to use the staircase. Check for the lift instead of taking the stairs.
  • The place is surrounded by Monkey’s make sure that you are not carrying any food related bags freely. If you have to carry then please go cover them with some sort of a cloth or a bag
  • You get to have fresh air as pollution is not that much compared to urban life.
  • You get to see big idol of Saraswathi Devi

Please do visit this place and do share your experiences in the comments section. If you have any questions please do comment 🙂

Stay safe and travel a lot 🙂

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How to Install PMD plugin for Eclipse IDE?

By on December 9, 2016

To install the PMD plugin for Eclipse IDE, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Start Eclipse IDE and open up a project
  2. Select the main tab Help and then select Software Updates and then finally select Find and Install.
  3. Click on Next and then click on New remote site.
  4. Enter a meaningful name as like PMD into the Name field and this link ( into the URL field
  5. From here on, you can just click through the rest of the dialog boxes to be able to install the plugin

If the above process doesn’t work for you, then you can alternatively download the latest zip file from the PMD – Source-forge site ( ) and follow the process given above except for using New local site but to browse to the downloaded zip file.

How to import a Custom PMD Rules set?

 You should be able to import those rules into your Eclipse IDE by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to the main tab Window and then click on Preferences.
  2. Go to the tab PMD and then to Rules configuration in the tree structure that you find.
  3. Click on Clear all to remove any default rule set that comes along with PMD plugin.
  4. Click on Import rule set and then import your rule set that’s been provided to you by your company or client, but be sure to select the option Import by copy.

It would take a little while for your IDE, to process these new rules set that you’ve imported into the IDE. You might be getting an In Progress screen when you close the Preferences screen.

 How to check code with PMD?

To run the newly installed PMD plugin, give any of your project nodes a right click and check for PMD sub menu item on the right-click. Click on it to open up a sub-sub-menu, from which you will have to select the option Check code with PMD.

If you’re not able to see the raised PMD violations then you should be able to see them when you traverse through the following menus on your IDE. Firstly go on to Window menu and then click on Show View to select Others and then to select PMD and finally to select Violations Overview.

You will be able to select or unselect the buttons to show the PMD violations as per the PMD alert priority. Hope that this article helps you get started with PMD on eclipse IDE.

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How to use Google Maps offline?

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Have you ever thought of having an option where you can use Google Maps mobile application offline? Yes, without having an active internet connection you can use Google Maps mobile application.

Are you a frequent traveler and rely on Google Maps for your routes?

Do you browse maps to identify a place you wanted to know?

If yes, then this information is available at your fingertips with an active internet connection.

What if, if you want to use Google Maps mobile application to satisfy your needs without even your Mobile data ON?

Sounds interesting!!!!

Let me cut the chase and talk about it so that you can leverage this option and enjoy your travel.

How to use Google Maps mobile application OFFLINE?

Now users can download a particular area of the Map within Google Maps mobile application and store it into your phone memory.The article below will show case the detailed steps to download certain area map data from your Google Maps application and use it in an Offline mode.


  • You should have an existing Gmail account
  • Gmail account credentials to be used to login into Google Maps Application
  • To ensure that you have the latest Google Maps application from Play Store or App Store
  • Have sufficient memory space.
  • Get connected to a WIFI connection to save your mobile data
  • Should have smart phones or tablets (i.e. iPhone, Android Tablets, iPad etc.)

This article is based on using the iPhone 7 and screen shots replicate Google Maps application that is available on iOS platform. The interface of Google Maps might be slightly different compared to Android, but most of the functionality should remain the same.

Step 1:


  • Open Google Maps application by tapping on the App icon.
  • Once the Google Maps application is open, click on Menu icon that is available on left-hand top corner
  • The menu will slide from the left side of the screen.
  • One has to select on “Offline Areas” option
Step 2:

img_5191Offline Areas screen will appear where the user has an option to download a specific area according to their requirement.

A settings icon is available on Right-hand top corner which controls the Offline Areas information download

  • This screen will show you all the offline areas that you have downloaded so far so that it is useful to verify and use it at a later point in time. To download a new custom area, the user has to tap on “Custom Area” option.


  • Once the user taps on Settings icon user will be redirected to a screen where he/she can opt for Automatic or Manual Update for Offline areas.
  • Also, users can set their preference in terms of downloading information either by using Mobile Data, Wi-Fi etc.
Step 3:


  • To download a new custom area, the user has to tap on “Custom Area” option.
  • The user will be redirected to a screen where they can Zoom In and Zoom Out their selection and opt for the desired area.
  • Once the area is decided, user has to click on Download button
Step 4:


  • The user has an option to give a specific name for the custom area that they are downloading and save the information accordingly. This feature helps to maintain customized list according to user’s understanding and doesn’t have to follow any standard names that Google has to provide. Good job on that, Google Maps!
Step 5:


  • The download will be initiated and it will show you the total amount of space that is available on Phone memory and download progress is displayed on time to time.
  • The user has an option to Pause the download and continue later.


  • The user has an option to “Delete” an Offline area if they wish to.
  • Based on the settings, the user will be able to get updates on the areas that they have downloaded.

I hope this step by step guide has helped you to understand ” How to use Google Maps mobile application offline”.


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