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Monthly Archives: December 2016

How to Plan your budget carefully?

A person can be defined by the people around him like friends, colleagues, family, etc. It is not always necessary for them to have a similar attitude and mentality like yours. Ultimately, they have an impact on your lifestyle. This article will help talk about

My Visit to Saraswathi Temple in Vargal

My motivation to travel has doubled because I get to capture the moments and also at the same time express the same on my blog. This is my first attempt describing a short trip that I had planned over the weekend with my entire family. How

How to Install PMD plugin for Eclipse IDE?

To install the PMD plugin for Eclipse IDE, you need to follow the steps given below: Start Eclipse IDE and open up a project Select the main tab Help and then select Software Updates and then finally select Find and Install. Click on Next and

How to use Google Maps offline?

Have you ever thought of having an option where you can use Google Maps mobile application offline? Yes, without having an active internet connection you can use Google Maps mobile application. Are you a frequent traveler and rely on Google Maps for your routes? Do