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Monthly Archives: March 2017

How to Download YouTube videos for free

Watching YouTube videos is another trending topic right now and thanks to the millions of users.  On day to day basis, a lot of videos are uploaded to retain the freshness of this platform.If you really liked watching a video and want to watch again

How to lose water weight quickly in a week?

I am sure losing weight is everyone’s dream but to the matter of the fact, only a few people fulfill their dream by staying focused and determined. One has to understand that you as an individual is solely responsible for increasing weight so when it comes

Top 8 Benefits of drinking Coffee

During my entire travel or my life, I have never seen anyone who hasn’t tasted coffee before. I think it’s impossible that people are not aware of the coffee and has never tasted it. It is actually consumed everywhere in some form or the other.

How to record your computer screen for free 2017

Today’s article is very commonly used phrase in an individual career, especially if your work responsibility includes a lot of presentations and demonstrations. I have known people spending hours and hours of time to come up with best presentations. Most of them fall into an