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5 things to consider when working with freelancers

By on March 21, 2018

5 things to consider when working with freelancers on CONTENTMART.COM

The technology advancement has gone to a level where most of the services can be either booked via an online and get delivered straight to your doorstep.

In the same way, now you can start availing any type of task, i.e.

  • Need content for your website, blog etc.
  • Need proofreaders for your work
  • Need to design your website or prepare an animation video.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service that you can avail for your blog or website.

All of this can be done by posting your requirements here.

All of these services can be obtained by contracting with freelancers on CONTENTMART.COM

 Let’s look at the top 5 things to consider when working with freelancers:
Choose the right candidate:

Choosing the right candidate is very important in this process. In person, interviews are far better but the same qualities or observations can still be made via Skype interviews. Make sure that the potential freelancer is okay working from a remote location. Looking at his previous work history on freelancing projects will definitely help.

Always ask for Reference:

Asking for reference at the time of interview will help you to evaluate the candidate and his expertise. Based on the analysis, it will help you to evaluate the right candidate for the job.

Maintain Clarity as much as  possible:

Make sure that the task is well documented so that it will be helpful for the freelancer to always look back. Also, the expectations are clearly set in the form of a documentation, later this can be used to compare the end result and evaluate the efforts.

Start with a Pilot Project:

If you have identified the right freelancer, then it makes sense to go through a sample pilot project. This will help you understand how well both of you can work together remotely. If you feel the vibe, then continuing with the freelancer will be an option.


Delivery is the most important aspect of today’s world. So beware of the deadlines from your end itself and evaluate whether it will be a reality to post the job on one the platforms. Please clarify with the freelancer and understand when the work can be delivered.

Conclusion: is widely used platform where you can post your requirements for free and get your work done in a breeze.  Feel free to post your requirements and get quality work done.

This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and services that are genuine and add value to my readers. Also, when you purchase anything from the links, I will get a tiny percentage of commission from the product providers. This amount helps me to run the blog without any interruptions. You won’t be charged anything extra from these links.





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Beginner’s Guide on How to add a link or href in WordPress

By on March 11, 2018

I have been learning a lot of stuff from the moment when I have started blogging.  The journey has been fantastic and informative.

Beginner’s Guide on How to add a link or href in WordPress

So was it easy to start with?

Or was everything was self-explanatory?

I don’t think it was all that easy I had to spend a good number of hours to study and practice it myself.  Later on, once I have started learning and implementing, I felt like giving back to the blogging community. So I have started writing an article about the below topic as a part of my contribution:

Beginner’s Guide on How to add a link or href in WordPress

Here is the process that you will need to follow:

how to add a hyperlink in WordPress

Let’s say you are writing about a topic where you wanted to give out an in-depth Review of a product or a service. So while you are giving out information to your readers, you want them to redirect to a specific website then you can follow this process.

For example:

I want to talk about the website hosting service review. Then I will be doing this:

Highlight the text you and click on “LINK” option on your text editor panel.

Make you select the checkbox “Open link in a new tab”. This way the link where you want to redirect your user starts from another page. This way the user can still read your blog post and understand further instructions.

Within the URL, do a search by the relevant keyword, in this case, it is web hosting.

Once this is done, click on Add link option. This will do the magic for you

How to link a page in WordPress to another page

This can be done in two ways:

 How to add a href tag into the blog post:

This is mainly used for marketing purposes. If you have signed up any affiliates networks, they will be providing a lot of marketing content which you can use.

So to do this,

  1. Login to your affiliate network provider
  2. Pull up the product or service you want to promote, go to the marketing material
  3. pick up the right size banner and copy the relevant href tag
  4. Go to the Text view of the editor
  5. Paste the tag in a new line
  6. This completes the process

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and has helped you to understand how to effectively build backlinking.

Also, Read more :

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I have used affiliate links in this blog post, so when you buy a product or a service from this link. I will be getting a tiny percentage as commission which helps me to run this blog.  I only promote the services that I have personally used and adds value to me and my readers.



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What happens when you publish an article on your blog?

By on March 8, 2018

Ever wondered

what happens when you publish an article on your blog?

We all know Blogging platform is an immediate platform, i.e. when you publish something on your blog it is immediately available for the entire world to read straight away.   Blogging is not just a job it is an ongoing learning curve for the individual.

Most of the blogging sites don’t talk about this but I wanted to take some time and discuss this with you all so that you are completely aware of it.

If you not happy with your existing hosting providers or looking to buy or migrate to a new hosting provider then it is really worth to try this.

But this to happen, a lot of factors come into the picture, they are listed below:

  1. Firstly the article will be available on your blog’s homepage.

Blog Home page

2. Anyone who has subscribed to your blog will get an email notification about your blog post.

3.  If your blog software is capable of intimating the search engines that you have published a content, then the search engines will get a notification.  This will help the search engines to understand that you have a new content and then it will push your content to your readers when they do a relevant keyword search.


Pro tip: Use of keywords is really important when you write about a specific topic.

4.  A search engine crawler will index the post and when it visits your blog.  The main activity of the search engine crawler is to see whether there is any fresh content available on the blogging websites and then indexes it.

All of the above 4 steps happen no matter whatever you do, once you publish an article on your blog, all these 4 steps will definitely happen and it is not in our control.

5. Last but not the least your blogging website rank will improve. Here is that my ranking was last week vs my current ranking as of now. It has drastically improved a lot. So being consistent is really important in the blogging world.

My ranking last week, when I have forced myself to write an article to improve my ranking:

My current ranking as of now before publishing this article:

what happens when you publish an article on your blog? We all know Blogging platform is an immediate platform, i.e. when you publish something on your blog it is immediately available for the entire world to read straight away.   Blogging is not just a job it is an ongoing learning curve for the individual.

Hopefully, I will be able to get back to my original rankings where I was under 3 million range.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. Also, I suggest you read the below articles :

Top 8 reasons why most of the bloggers don’t succeed or make money

In detail Review of Bluehost web hosting services



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Top 8 reasons why most of the bloggers don’t succeed or make money

By on March 3, 2018

Today I have decided to write an article on the factors that are actually stopping me to continue blogging. As per the new year 2018 resolution I wanted to dedicate at least 20 hours per week time on blogging and also promoting. But you know what happened, I have failed.

If you are looking to start a new blog then this article will definitely help you understand what  are the things not to do while blogging.

Things to care of before buying domain name and webhosting, In depth review.

These were the targets that I had for myself in the Month of January 2018.

Target 1: 

I had 46 posts in total where there were no on-page SEO is implemented and no right keywords associated with it. After learning the basics and using YOAST SEO plugin  I have decided to update all my previous posts rather than working on new articles.

I have failed again, this is my status as of now

Yoast SEO posts Overview
Yoast SEO posts Overview

I have still 12 posts that are just lying on my blog and doesn’t have any keywords associated. So it is like I have all the content available but no one knows about it.

It has always been a learning curve for me from the time when I started my blogging till now. I have started blogging without understanding SEO and importance of Keywords. But I was good at writing stuff for my self on different topics.

As on when I have learnt something new, I have applied it to my work so that I could see the change.

Have I seen the change?

Yes absolutely, I have seen the changes and things started working out for me. Even though I don’t promote my work, I always had organic traffic on day to day basis.

Target 2: 

Looking at the Alexa ranking I wanted to improve my ranking so that I end up getting paid opportunities to promote a brand or a business on my blog.  When I have evaluated my ranking with Alexa it was a decent number for a new blogger but as on I have started neglecting my blogging and promotion activities  ( for about 2 months) the rank went way beyond out of control.

Here is my current ranking:

Website ranking tool
website ranking tool

If you want to look for your website ranking, then click here.

I have failed in terms of meeting these two targets, yet I didn’t give up on my blog.  I will talk about what I have gained during these two months in a bit.

So what are the factors that were stopping me to blog continuously?

Things not to do while blogging:

  • Over expectation of results
  • Not being Consistent
  • Having frequent distractions
  • Not going with the plan and the targets
  • Too much of learning aspects where you cannot balance your learning time and practical implementation of the same.
  • Not dedicating time to Promote your work on social media platforms
  • Not involving yourself in social networking activities
  • Picking up wrong category niche which doesn’t interest you or expect you to blog

These are the factors that I have observed that I was not doing it, so I wanted to write up an article on this so that I could share my personal experience and help other bloggers and help them out.  So never distract from your own targets and goals,  just don’t quit.

So what I have done for these two months, did I make any money? did I learn something new?

Well, I have started providing my content writing services to several other businesses and consultants. It was definitely a time worth spent on getting new contracts from new clients.

I hope you will definitely make some time for yourself to understand your goals and targets. The important aspect that I have realised is to continuously work and re-assess your targets and work towards it. Make it as a daily activity or to do list until you find your happiness.

I said happiness because that’s when I feel that I have succeeded something that I have planned.

Do let me know if you have faced any other challenges for yourself.







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