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What ever you do don’t Quit, build your future

Are you one of them who often wonders what ‘future-you’ will be like? Well, it’s something worth contemplating through deep and inward thinking.  So whatever you are doing in your life don’t quit, build your future by following your passion. Although you have never met

How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video on PC/Mac

Having trouble with your video files? Not able to watch your favorite videos anymore? Looking out for a tool that can repair your videos easily?  Well, I am sure we are not going to disappoint you. In this article, we will go through step-by-step guide

Gang of Four (GoF) Java Design Patterns

What is a Design Pattern? Basically, a design pattern represents the best practices used by the most experienced object-oriented software developers, as these are the solutions to the most general problems that any Software developer might have faced during the process of software development. A

How to Download YouTube videos for free

Watching YouTube videos is another trending topic right now and thanks to the millions of users.  On day to day basis, a lot of videos are uploaded to retain the freshness of this platform.If you really liked watching a video and want to watch again

How to lose water weight quickly in a week?

I am sure losing weight is everyone’s dream but to the matter of the fact, only a few people fulfill their dream by staying focused and determined. One has to understand that you as an individual is solely responsible for increasing weight so when it comes