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Free Video calling feature on WhatsApp Messenger

Most of us know that WhatsApp has gained huge popularity among the  customer base and has the capability to transfer more than billion message on day to day basis. After Facebook has taken over WhatsApp, the development team has introduced a number of features to make

Apple Support App is now available in the App Store

Support app from Apple? Yes, you have read it right. Apple has launched their much-awaited support app and currently is available only in Netherlands. Plans are being made to release it worldwide soon. Also, news is out that this support app will be included within

Fastest way to charge your iPhone?

It is interesting to know that the number of users utilizing iPhone has increased tremendously, thanks to the user experience and the usability of iPhone compared to other devices in the current market. With its wide range of mobile applications available for the users to

Apple iPhone 7 Indepth Review

I’m sure by this time most of us would have got their hands on the new iPhone 7 and still waiting on iPhone X. The majority of mobile users still feel this is an exclusive model which grabs attention compared to different mobiles available in the