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Samantha has directly targeted Nagarjuna

Nowadays, it is quite common for the celebrities of the film industry to get financial advantages by endorsing commercial products. Recently, Samantha was involved in the endorsement of a detergent product. Nagarjuna, who is her father-in-law, was engaged in another branding activity of the detergent product.

Both of these detergent products are competitors. The point to be discussed is not about the rival brands but the claims made on these products. Nagarjuna for a detergent branding asks people first to purchase and use the product and then believe in it.

And on the other hand, Samantha is questioning people that, if people are using a detergent in lakhs of a home, then why there is a need to test the product in the laboratory? 

Nagarjuna is seen in the advertisement as testing the detergent in the laboratory. Samantha could have discussed the script for the video advertisement before approving it. It shows that Samantha is targeting her father-in-law’s Nagarjuna’s words instead of focusing on the product.

Nagarjuna and Samantha both are involved in different branding of the detergent product. Samantha could have discussed the script instead of using her father-in-law’s words in the advertisement

 Both the celebrities have used the different script where one is asking to buy the product, and others are saying lakhs of people already purchase it

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