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Title dilemma for Deverakonda movie

The debut film of Vijay Deverakonda is named as Meeku Maatrame Cheptha under the banner King of the hill. Vijay Deverakondia is the producer of the movie. The title is catchy, but there is still confusion around the title of the film. 

It looks similar to other upcoming films. The other movie, which is a maiden production venture name of that film is Evvarikee Cheppodhu. The two movies are going to release together.

And the two titles look confusing. Vijay Deverakonda movie in which Tharun Bhascker is playing a lead role is going to release on 18th October, and the other film is releasing ten days before Vijay’s film release.

The two films are going to be released in the same month, and hence, there is title confusion for the movie. Evvarikee Cheppodhu is an unknown movie compared to the Vijay Devara Konda movie. Meeku Maatrame chepta will get publicity, but the title confusion can benefit the other film is the question?

If you have not watched the trailer then you can watch it here.

Meeku Matrame Chepta Teaser. The rights are associated with the right owner. This is used for promotional purposes.

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