5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

I see this is one of the hottest topics among the budding software engineers across the globe. To quench the thirst of many who will ask the same. This should be a convincing article to go through.

So here are the 5 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2018

To start with, Python:

Python is an awesome object-oriented language that closely resembles the English language.  This is one of the reasons why it is classified as one of the best languages for beginners and seasoned professionals. It is a general purpose programming language and emphasizes on code readability, developer productivity.  It is a well-designed language. The syntax is simple but yet very effective.

To continue with, Javascript:

Javascript is mainly a client-side, dynamic scripting language used in front-end development and is compatible with all the browsers available today.  Javascript in conjunction with jQuery makes it easy to integrate different plugins to your code that can save you lot of time. It is quicker to add a new feature into your code with this duo. There are a lot of variants, flavors of javascript that are available – you will be spoilt for choice.

To carry the momentum, Java:

Java has by far become one of the most successful, compelling languages over that last 15 odd years. It won’t be an exaggeration but no list (5 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2017) will be complete without Java. I am personally in love with it, there is remotely anything impossible that can be achieved with Java. It is used in over 15 BILLION (let me repeat, 15 BILLION) devices and over 10 MILLION developers using it worldwide. That in itself speaks loads and loads about this technology. The later versions of Java have provided ways and means to write clean code with Java Streams and Lambdas.

To understand the data, SQL:

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to communicate with and to manipulate databases. It is one of the most common skills that would be required of any developer. It started with very few variants earlier, but with NoSQL in the picture, it has grown leaps and bounds. Lately, Microsoft has released their SQL Server 2016 which proved to be surprisingly popular, providing integration with R (popular data analysis programming language) and a Linux version.

To be unique and in demand, C:

If you are a seasoned professional but don’t know least “C" well enough to read/understand it, you will probably feel a sense of shame about it. Java / C# will help you understand the object oriented way, but pointer arithmatic and manual `memory management` are the key things that one should know. C++ is a good language but never can take the place of C.

You need lower memory consumption and high performance but still, don’t want to learn/write,C then Go or Rust should help you do that. It is a definite recommendation to have either of these skills to meet the demand.

Summing it up:

The need of the day is for a FULL STACK developer. For this I’d recommend learning the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and once you advance in this pick any two backend languages (preferably Java, Python) to cement your place as a FULL Stack developer. Having said that, SQL is still a requirement but this can take a back seat for a while but not always. There is this myth in the programming world that if you know more languages, you’ll be successful. This is not entirely true and refrains from doing something like that. Pick a skill set that you feel comfortable with and master those for your own good. Playing around with the latest technologies is suggested but not at the cost of your core skills.

Now it’s over to you guys, we’ve taken our time to introduce the 5 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2018. Choose wisely, take our advice or not, be fair with your learning always.

Happy Learning, guys!

5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018
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5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018
So here are the 5 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2018Python Javascript Java SQL Angular 5
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