Hello there,
Hope you all are doing good.

A bit about myself:

This section is all about me so I am going to utilize it wisely. I am Krishna and I have been blogging for years now. I have started my journey as a content writer and have taken up numerous tasks. I have worked in different niches and fulfilled the needs. Doing so, I have been introduced to a lot of different new topics where I started learning at the same time.

How did I start my journey:

I always had a zeal to do something for myself which can give me happiness and satisfaction. I truly believed that blogging would give me that opportunity and let me tell you what, it didn’t disappoint me at all. I have decided to write something useful for the readers where their questions were answered.

How did I come up with the branding:

When you put yourself into a completely creative mode and you are not responsible to answer anyone or convince anyone, that’s where the true creativity comes into the existence. I went through the names of my nephew and my son and clubbed their names ( tried permutation and combinations) and bought it to a stage where it has a similar pronunciation but has a straightforward meaning to it.
So that’s where aneetin (aka anything) has evolved.
I have derived this name from Aneesh and Nitin.
Clubbed both the names and here we are: www.aneetin.com


As part of the learning journey, I have backed up almost 12 years of knowledge in terms of
  1. Content Writing
  2. Setting up a blog from scratch
  3. Provide valuable and discounted Hosting packages
  4. Blog posting
  5. Blog Maintenance
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Affiliate Marketing
if you have any queries or you need any help, please write it to aneetin1@gmail.com

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