Amazing canal road with lots of twists and turns

This time I have been to an exciting place near my hometown and found this beauty via Google Maps ( Duvva to Bhimavaram) and it has helped in two ways, found a quick route to reach my destination and the road was a canal road, that means we have greenery on both sides of the road.

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Please do check out the google maps route linked here and you can see how steep the curves were. It was great and pleasant drive and I was able to see the sunrise and captured some beautiful moments. Imagine a view where the land is covered with greenery ( paddy fields) and the sky is in light blue colour and sun is just rising up. Well, this is a perfect moment for an individual who loves nature with a pure heart. I am blessed to see this view and thought it would be great to take some videos while I drive. ( This video is captured while I was driving, all safety precautions are taken care off)

Journey Details:

Total journey is about 36km from Duva village to  Bhimavaram city ( West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh). This route connects small villages in between and has some food joints for a quick snack if you are hungry.  I would suggest to stop by a place where there is some movement rather than a remote place. This entire route goes dead silent after 5 PM and slowly you won’t see any movement at all.

 From Beautiful Route to Scary Route:

This is one of the finest routes where it is excellent in daytime and turns to be dangerous at night as you don’t have street lights. Only lights that I relied upon was my car head lights ( So make sure your car head lights are working absolutely perfect).  I have managed to drive this route accidentally at night and found that to be very scary because there was no light at all and humping sounds that I get to hear from the canal water. I am not sure what it was exactly but it was like a perfect set for a horror movie.

Who can enjoy this ride:
  • People who like to travel to new places and admire nature’s beauty
  • People who like to drive different routes, especially which has more twists and turns
  • All individuals got habituated to city life should be definitely visiting this place
  •  Individuals who have craze for selfies can take selfies near paddy fields
  • Anyone want to enjoy cool breeze and want to spent time  in farms

This ride will definitely be stress buster, please do try and let me know your experience in comments section.


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