Father and Son beautiful quotes that you cannot miss reading

The father and son relationship is something that we all want to be a part of. We want our children to grow up knowing they have someone who loves them unconditionally.

Here are a few Father and Son beautiful quotes that show the true love, inspiration, and motivation that everyone can observe within this relationship.

Father and Son beautiful Quotes that you cannot miss reading

Best Father and Son Quotes ▶

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AWS free training for everyone

AWS stands for Amazon web services and it is widely used within the technology industry.

AWS offers a lot of services where it helps organizations to move their applications to a cloud environment.

Most of the big corporates have already explored cloud technologies and have successfully implemented them.

In order to upscale the developer community and also spread awareness, Amazon has started a training program.

Within this program, they are offering educational materials and courses about cloud technologies.

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The Simplest ways to get rid of your Double chin

Worried about your double chin and you are itching to get back to the perfect jawline? Well, here is the list of simplest ways which will help you to get rid of your double chin.

The jawline defines a lot about your appearance and having a double chin will only ruin it. So, how does the double chins are formed? Have you ever thought about it?

Well, double chins are formed when the excess fat gets accrued under the chin area. Being overweight is not only the main reason for having double chins, but it can happen because of your age factor and also based on your genetics.

So, the question is can we regain the perfect jawline again and look sexy? Well, the answer is definitely yes and here are few simplest ways to get rid of your Double chin.

Fish Face:

Well, it sounds funny but believe me it is a wonderful exercise for your cheeks and face. All you have to do is suck in your cheeks and hold the position for close to 20-30 seconds and repeat the same process for 5-10 times a day. The best part is you can do this exercise at anytime during the day.

Stretch your tongue:

As the name suggests, stretch your tongue as much as possible. It is advised to lift your tongue in upward direction and try to touch your nose. Hold this position for few seconds and repeat the same exercise 5 times.

Chewing Gum Exercise:

Yes, enjoying your favorite chewing gum is an exercise now. This will help you to exercise the jaw lines and burn the extra fat and give you the perfect shape. If you are not fancy having a chewing gum then practice it while having your food, it will improve your digestion and it will help your jaws with a workout.

If you are having any tooth aches, then these home remedies will definitely help you

Now, if you are looking for even simple techniques then here you go:

  1. Smile often, it will help you feel better and more than anything else it will work on your cheeks
  2. Rotate your head from left to right and repeat the same to complete a circular motion

I am sure these simple ways will help you achieve your looks and help you feel better and stay healthy. So don’t ignore these simple tricks and do practice these and include in your daily routine.

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Top 5 Home remedies for toothache that can ease your pain

Toothache is one of the common problems that we see in kids and adults. If you are not maintaining oral hygiene then you are prone to toothaches and they can be painful. So, to treat toothaches at home, you can follow a few simple tips and tricks that will help you to ease your toothache.

Top 5 home remedies for toothache that can ease your pain.

These home remedies work effectively when you have no option leftover and the pain is comparatively less. If the symptoms continue to be the same for few days then it is advisable to visit your dentist promptly.

These home remedies work effectively when you have no option leftover and the pain is comparatively less. If the symptoms continue to be the same for few days then it is advisable to visit your dentist promptly.

Rinse with Saltwater:

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to deal with sudden toothaches. All you have to do is, add a pinch of salt to the boiling water and let it dissolve completely. Use the salt water and rinse your mouth for few times. In this case, salt acts as a natural disinfectant and will help you clear out any leftover food particles from your teeth.

Rinse with Saltwater

Ice Pack:

Use of an ice pack is advisable when you have swelling near your teeth. It will numb the pain area and give you relief.

Clove Oil or Cloves:

It is one of the ancient methods to cure or toothaches. Apply the clove oil near the affected area it will help you some sort of relief. Alternatively, if you can chew a small clove it will help you to clear your bad breath and at the same time will help in reducing the pain.

Usage of Teabags:

Use peppermint tea bags for treating tooth pain. All you have to do is, dip the tea bags in lukewarm water and place the tea bags near the affected area. This will help to numb the area and as well as the pain.


Garlic is gifted with a lot of antibacterial elements. One can crush a small piece of garlic and apply it near the affected area and it will help to relieve the pain.

These are the top 5 home remedies that can help you relieve pain from sudden toothaches. We recommend you maintain good oral health and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

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Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you

We as human beings have a general tendency to compare and undervalue our own abilities from time to time based on the situations.

I would like to recall one such incident where a small kid has made his point very clear and subtle.

Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you.

A store owner had some puppies to sell. So, he hanged a sign above his door written as :”Puppies for Sale”.

The boy approached the store owner and started enquiring about the puppies and during the conversations he got to know that each puppy costs about $40 to $60

The little boy looked at his pocket for money and found out that he has only some change. After counting the change, he realzied that he has only $2.50 with him.

The boy acknowledged that he has only $2.50 and requested the store owner to at least allow him to see the kids and play for a little while.

With a smiley face, the store owner agreed to the little boy’s request and asked his co-worker to bring the little puppies.

After few minutes, the lady has brought all the puppies and all of them were playful apart from one.

One puppy was coming slowly and was not active. Immediately the little boy pointed towards that puppy and asked the store owner “what happened with that little puppy”.

The store owner explained that the little puppy didn’t have a hip socket as said by veterinarian. It would always limp. It would always be lame.

The little one said excitedly “That is the puppy that I want to buy”.

The shop owner told that the kid to take the puppy for free and he didn’t need any money for this puppy. The kid was upset by his words and told him that he didn’t want the puppy for free and he insisted that he will pay for the puppy in installments and handed over him $2.50

The store owner was surprised and asked the kid again to confirm whether he really wanted to buy the disabled puppy as it cannot run or play with him.

The little boy began rolling up one side of his pants up revealing his crippled legs supported on a big metal brace. He looked up at the shop owner and replied, Well, I don’t run either and conveyed that the little puppy would need someone who can understand him better.

The man’s eyes were filled with tears, he smiled and said, “Son, I hope and pray that every one of these puppies will have an owner like you“.


Everyone has own weakness and stronger are those who find strength from their weakness. Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you.

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iPhone Battery charging hacks that everybody should know

If you are running out of time and realized that there is no enough battery juice? Well carrying a power bank is definitely an option but why to carry additional luggage when do you have an option to manage your iPhone battery better.

If you know this trick then you definitely understand your iPhone, if not then don’t worry, I have listed down the steps that you can follow to save your battery juice. The same steps can be practiced while charging your phones, this will act as a fast charge ( like we get to see from other android smartphones).

So here is the deal, let’s get started:

  1. Swipe up and get your control panel options on the screen
  2. Turn on Airplane mode
  3. Plugin your iPhone for charging
  4. Make sure the Airplane mode is on till the point you get enough juice to get started.

Note: By turning on Airplane mode, it will disconnect battery draining features like GPS location, 4G network/5G network, un-necessary notification handling, and messaging queue.

Remember only opt for this option when you are in a hurry and want to get sufficient battery top-up when you are short on time. Also, during this time you will not get any notifications like ( Calls, Text, App notifications, etc).

If you are phone savvy and most of your work is carried out on phone then you will have to take the above scenarios into consideration.

For more iPhone hacks and tricks, do stay tuned

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Mother’s Day 2020 celebration ideas during Lockdown

Looking for different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day during the lockdown period? It is tough to come up with ideas especially when things are not normal around you.

Well, we can’t give up on our loved ones, right?

We will have to do whatever it takes to let them know how much we love and care for them. Below are a few Mother’s Day lockdown ideas that everyone can look into.

Flowers Decorations:

Who doesn’t love flowers, if you have access to flowers then get your Mother a bunch of Roses? Do look for options where the flowers can be delivered to your place.

Being safe is also important. Precautions to be followed as per WHO

Cook her favorite meal:

This applies to individuals who are good at cooking and know what they are doing. If you know her favorite dish then prepare a nice meal for your mother and the rest of your family.

Make your own greeting Card:

This is a perfect time for you to have your creative juices flowing. Use the materials that are readily available at home and come up with a greeting card. Doing this will add some personal touch to your gift.

Mother’s day thoughts amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

Mother’s day 2020: ways to celebrate it virtually

Lockdown’s Mother’s day


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

As the virus spread continues to grow across the globe, we thought it is equally important for everybody to know and understand the basic sanity rules that one should follow. So below are the safety measures set by WHO for Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions.

Please don’t believe the rumors and always make sure you get your information about this pandemic from trusted sources only. Below are few sources which will help you to get more accurate information

World Health Organization

I’m sure more of you are having a lot of questions on your mind about this pandemic but staying positive and staying active is really important to survive the difficult times. Let’s pledge to stay positive and maintain social distancing.

What precautions should I take while traveling during the coronavirus disease outbreak

Is the Coronavirus disease airborne

How does the coronavirus disease spread

can the coronavirus disease spread through food

Coronavirus pandemic

How to Protect yourself & others

Box Office

Chiranjeevi is on Fire

Chiranjeevi, the superstar, is nowadays shooting for his upcoming movie named as Acharya. Koratala Siva directs it. The director is famous for delivering social message films as well as stylish sequences of action. Primarily you must have seen the rain fight designed in the movie Mirchi, Villages fight in Srimanthudu and government office fight in Janatha Garage are the highlights of Koratala Siva. As per the latest news in the industry, the director Kortala Siva has designed some special and unique sequences of the fight in the upcoming movie of Chiranjeevi named Acharya.

The fight will happen inside a temple, and it is assured that no devotees will get hurt in the temple. Chiranjeevi is on fire and showing highest form of energy and moving forward with this shooting. The sources have informed that the director Kortala Siva has shot three sequences of the fight, but the temple is going to be the major highlight in the film Acharya. Chiranjeevi will be seen as a government employee in the movie Acharya. The actress Trisha Krishnan is making her comeback in the Telugu movie Acharya. The actress is going to be seen romancing with the superstar Chiranjeevi in the film Acharya

Image source: Chiranjeevi Filmography


The unconditional love of a girl towards her father. Absolutely loved the way she has expressed her feelings

It was a winter Christmas Month, a man was working very hard in the cold weather to provide a meal to his family. The man was already tempered and irritated due to a lack of money. On Christmas Eve, he saw that her daughter was wasting an expensive golden paper for wrapping a shoebox. This made the father angry scolded her badly.

Despite everything, the girl put the box under the Christmas tree. The next morning, the little girl brought the gift to her father and with a smiley face said “This is for you, Daddy.”

The man felt embarrassed because of yesterday’s bad behavior but anyhow as soon he opened the box, he got angrier as the box was empty. 

He scolded and yelled at her by saying “Don’t you know when you give the gift to someone, there is supposed to be something inside the box?”

The little one started crying and looked at her father and said “Daddy, the box is not empty. The box is filled with kisses. All these kisses are for you only. That emotional and full of love moment touched father’s heart and he hugged her little princess. 

As time passes away, the young girl married and left her home but the gold box filled with imaginary kisses and unconditional love is always the strength of the father.

No one in this world can love a girl more than her father

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