Eco Tours: Experience the wonders of Nature

I know everyone will be busy meeting their friends and family over this festive season so all I would suggest is to care for each other and share the joy across everyone. So, as part of this process and also to celebrate our Christmas Eve with my office colleagues we went out to a resort.

Usually most of the time we always go to most entertaining resorts which has all the attractions. So this time we wanted to try something different. I was looking out for alternative options where we as a team wanted to explore the wonders and peacefulness of nature.

Eco Tours A collection of Interviews

During this process, I have encountered with Eco-Tourism friendly resorts and found exactly what we were looking.

So what is Ecotourism and how different is it from others?

In a nutshell, Ecotourism is nothing but a respect for the environment. This type of tourism involves less pollution, low-impact, and less waste. It is like visiting a natures paradise as an individual with all natural means:

  1. Tourists are encouraged to walk and also promote cycling and hiking.  Unlike the traditional vehicles which pollute the environment. By following these simple regulations tourists are respecting the environment. Also, they are not disturbing the natural habitat.
  2. Unlike traditional hotels, the tourists will be exposed to eco-lodges.  The locals share their knowledge and their lifestyle.
  3.  The individual will experience the local foods without any food waste. Most of these meals include organic, vegetarian and sometimes vegan food as well.

Pro tip:  Hear from alot of travellers who has already experienced the nature like never before.

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It adds additional revenue for the locals as most of them offer home stays and guide you through their lifestyle and talk about the prominent things around them.

I had the true experience of being close to nature and spending our quality time exploring and hiking the surrounding places. I just felt that it was just a start and they are a lot of places like these around the world.

So it just happened that I have one more item added to my bucket list, i.e. to explore all of these places that are described in this wonderful journey

If you are bored with your regular life and want to experience the true nature and re-evaluate yourself then I highly recommend you to travel the eco-friendly way.

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