Father and Son beautiful quotes that you cannot miss reading

The father and son relationship is something that we all want to be a part of. We want our children to grow up knowing they have someone who loves them unconditionally.

Here are a few Father and Son beautiful quotes that show the true love, inspiration, and motivation that everyone can observe within this relationship.

Father and Son beautiful Quotes that you cannot miss reading

Best Father and Son Quotes ▶

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Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you

We as human beings have a general tendency to compare and undervalue our own abilities from time to time based on the situations.

I would like to recall one such incident where a small kid has made his point very clear and subtle.

Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you.

A store owner had some puppies to sell. So, he hanged a sign above his door written as :”Puppies for Sale”.

The boy approached the store owner and started enquiring about the puppies and during the conversations he got to know that each puppy costs about $40 to $60

The little boy looked at his pocket for money and found out that he has only some change. After counting the change, he realzied that he has only $2.50 with him.

The boy acknowledged that he has only $2.50 and requested the store owner to at least allow him to see the kids and play for a little while.

With a smiley face, the store owner agreed to the little boy’s request and asked his co-worker to bring the little puppies.

After few minutes, the lady has brought all the puppies and all of them were playful apart from one.

One puppy was coming slowly and was not active. Immediately the little boy pointed towards that puppy and asked the store owner “what happened with that little puppy”.

The store owner explained that the little puppy didn’t have a hip socket as said by veterinarian. It would always limp. It would always be lame.

The little one said excitedly “That is the puppy that I want to buy”.

The shop owner told that the kid to take the puppy for free and he didn’t need any money for this puppy. The kid was upset by his words and told him that he didn’t want the puppy for free and he insisted that he will pay for the puppy in installments and handed over him $2.50

The store owner was surprised and asked the kid again to confirm whether he really wanted to buy the disabled puppy as it cannot run or play with him.

The little boy began rolling up one side of his pants up revealing his crippled legs supported on a big metal brace. He looked up at the shop owner and replied, Well, I don’t run either and conveyed that the little puppy would need someone who can understand him better.

The man’s eyes were filled with tears, he smiled and said, “Son, I hope and pray that every one of these puppies will have an owner like you“.


Everyone has own weakness and stronger are those who find strength from their weakness. Don’t let your weakness become an obstacle to undervalue you.

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The unconditional love of a girl towards her father. Absolutely loved the way she has expressed her feelings

It was a winter Christmas Month, a man was working very hard in the cold weather to provide a meal to his family. The man was already tempered and irritated due to a lack of money. On Christmas Eve, he saw that her daughter was wasting an expensive golden paper for wrapping a shoebox. This made the father angry scolded her badly.

Despite everything, the girl put the box under the Christmas tree. The next morning, the little girl brought the gift to her father and with a smiley face said “This is for you, Daddy.”

The man felt embarrassed because of yesterday’s bad behavior but anyhow as soon he opened the box, he got angrier as the box was empty. 

He scolded and yelled at her by saying “Don’t you know when you give the gift to someone, there is supposed to be something inside the box?”

The little one started crying and looked at her father and said “Daddy, the box is not empty. The box is filled with kisses. All these kisses are for you only. That emotional and full of love moment touched father’s heart and he hugged her little princess. 

As time passes away, the young girl married and left her home but the gold box filled with imaginary kisses and unconditional love is always the strength of the father.

No one in this world can love a girl more than her father


Types of Motivation and Examples

Motivation is an internal process that encourages you to do something new or achieving a task. 

A person who is motivated by the desire of achievement may spend many hours studying or the one who is motivated by money may desire to work for long hours. Sometimes, you get motivated in life by pleasure or sometimes by pain.

So How do you find Motivation

Surroundings keep motivating you in different forms. The following is a list that displays types of motivation

Some good motivation examples that can be driven by pleasure are

  • Basic needs (food, clothes, and shelter),
  • Achievements (Career, school, etc.),
  • Adventure (Feeling of excitement),
  • Money (freedom of life) etc.

Motivation examples that are drive by pain are

  • Fear of loss
  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Change

Everyone’s basic human need is different from others depending upon their priorities. Tony Robbins has developed the six factors on why you are the way you are?

Needs for personal achievement:

1. Certainty:

This top basic human need to feel secure, and safe about the future. This is the need for basic comfort to avoid pain and stress. Our need for certainty creates pleasure for the survival mechanism.

2. Uncertainty & Variety:

Uncertainty might put you in surprising mode. You don’t know what will happen next? It’s the need of various emotions of challenges, excitements, adventures, variety, etc. 

Needs of the Love:

3. Significance:

We all want to feel important. This is the need of special, pride, desire to be seen, heard and listened to – in short, you want to be noticed.

4. Love & Connection:

This need for communication, express your feelings to them directly or indirectly so that they can feel secure and happy. This will help to build good healthy relationships between people. It can be husband and wife or it can be between brothers and sisters etc.

You need to feel appreciated by your loved ones, might be your family or friends.

The need of the Spirit:

5. Growth:

The need for intellectual and spiritual development leads you towards growth and always striving to be better and succeeded 

6. Contribution:

This might be heard by you “the secret to living is giving”. The need to care, protect and share gives meaning to your life.

The ultimate significance in life comes not from something external, but something internal.

Have you ever thought about your motivation?

You need to understand your own self-motivation; it will not only help you to achieve something new in your life but also make your life easy. 
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Stop hating Monday blues and start focusing on your dreams

Are you one of them who hate ‘Monday Blues’ and love ‘Friday Feels’?

Well, in that case, this article will help you

Stop hating Monday blues and will help you start focusing on your dreams

Are you the one who hate waking up early on Monday morning and dreading going to work? Well, I agree that most of us feel like that every Monday but we have a problem there! So this article will help you stop hating Monday blues and will help you start focusing on your dreams.

What is the meaning of morning blues or Monday blues?

Everyone hates Monday, but you will be surprised to know all the top leaders today love Mondays. Mondays are the end of the weekend and the start of a new week. You need to play the right game. You have to spend enough time relaxing on the weekend, in order to hit Monday morning with a spring in your step. This way it will help you beat Monday blues.


If u love what you do then, you’ll feel fired up and ready to hit the ground running even on Monday mornings.


Then there comes this ‘Hump Day’, it must be quiet ‘a thing’. Wednesdays need to be as good as Monday was. Most of the people feel that they work two full days and they are exhausted and upset about that and if you are one of them, then there is a problem!

Imagine those people who work for seven days straight in an emergency department of a hospital. It’s way harder than you can ever imagine and what you do. So always think about the people around you when it comes to work or commitment. Because it is very easy for you to convenience yourself but when you compare it to your idol or motivational guru that’s where you get to see the change.  So say no to Monday blues.


The top successful people don’t hate these two epic days of the week. If you do, then there are chances that there you are not completely married to your dreams or else you are not working towards a closure.

You have to stop thinking that it is normal to hate these two days and realize the importance of these two magical days. Decide not to do crap things that make you pissed off, lack motivation and gets you frustrated.

If you come home from work pissed off because of what day of the week it is then you’ll have zero energy left to put to work after hours that could become the milestone of your dreams.

You need to stop worrying about what day of the week it is and decide to live with passion 24/7 and work on your dreams. You will have to make better different decisions in order to become better than others.


How to stop hating Monday blues and start focusing on your dreams:

We all have at least one thing in our minds that makes us feel on top of the world. If not, find that thing and use that thing to inspire and motivate you each day. You need to search and find answers to your doubts and questions, beat the Monday blues from your thoughts completely.

Worrying and getting upset just for a day of the week is for losers, and you are not a loser.

So, what we are telling you is very simple, in order to achieve your dreams you need to break your own patterns and focus on what you want, and most importantly you need to stop lying to yourself.

What ever you do don’t Quit, build your future

Throw your complaints and excuses in a bin and start focusing on your dreams. You are more than you think you can ever be.

So stop hating Monday blues and start focusing on your dreams

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this is my way of keeping myself motivated and committed to my dream, what about you?

Do comment below about your dreams, what you wanted to achieve in your life.

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4 Simple Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever

Are you still waiting for the best Day of your life? Well stop dreaming about that perfect day and make today the best day of your life.  Here are easy 4 simple sure-fire ways to make today your best day ever.

You must set-up your life the way you want it, in order to have the best day of your life.


 The best day will never come to you on its own or will never happen accidentally, you’ll have to work really hard for this. You will have to earn every minute of your best day through your efforts.

 Paint a rough picture how do you want your best day to be like and focus on how you want to feel more than anything.

 You will start feeling more positive. You’ll start noticing that people are complimenting you for the positive vibes they are receiving from you. You will feel a shift in your emotions and in your psychology.

 Feeling positive will help you in taking the right decision and will give you the courage to make efforts for the best day of your life.

 Some of the examples where you can call a day as one of your best day of your life:
  1. When you achieve something that you have planned for quite long time and you were able to finally succeed.
  2. If you are sales personnel then achieving double of your monthly target can be a big thing for you
  3. If you have completed a very big project within the allocated budget and allocated time.
  4. More importantly, when you go to bed at night you should be proud of yourself and self-satisfied with your efforts for the day.

What I have learned about making and breaking habbits which helped me to improve and be BETTER than BEFORE.  CLICK HERE


 You don’t need to jump off a cliff or fly to the moon and back in order to experience the best day of your life. Your best day is special and unique to you but it can be the simplest as well. It can be spending time with a magnificent person, eating something you wanted to for so long, enjoying sunlight or rain. It can be anything.


 Breaking the groove of your habits that don’t serve you and your boredom, will help you to move closer to your best day. Breaking the groove is the key to achieve your best day.

 The best day is all about being happy and grateful for the things the day has brought to you. It’s all about living in the moment and being fully aware of the things happening to you.And for that, you really need to get out of your messed-up routine.


 So now you have lived your best day, will you stop there? Well no, not at all. Life is all about living the best day, every day. The goal is to make each day of your life extraordinary and the best day of your life ever.

Be kind to one another 🙂

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How to overcome your fears 7 different ways that you should know

In life, every single thing is a test. Moments like marriage, graduation, job, relationships, house, car, pain and failures are intimidating moments. Expectations that are pushed by the society, our conscious mind has to reside on living up to them.

So everyone at some point or the other be in a situation where their decisions are driven or made under Fear.  How to overcome your fears 7 different ways that you should know

Fear is like a doorway to discover more about you, it carries a great source of growth. Such tests should always be approached with a positive attitude. Your ability to respond when the fear surfaces are the only driving force to overcome fear.

How to overcome your fears 7 different ways that you should know
1. Deal with your fear :

If you want to overcome your fears, then stare it dead in the eye and decide whether do something about it in a world that is moving so fast or to accept your situation. The first and the most important step is keeping aside the time to ponder on your fears and embracing it. It can be a lonely and dark place to be at and what thrown around is a tornado of emotions and doubts.

Meditation and Self-reflection are like a cure to begin the “the I HAVE TO DO THIS” moment.  Pen down what has been holding you back, elaborate on the steps that led you to develop this fear, talk to someone who has gone through the same process, the same situation.

Stop running with your fears, instead of face your fears and it will start to lose its power, and if you don’t face them and they will become your limits.

2. Remember To Relive :

Look at your past to remember your previous successes, your previous failures, your mistakes. This will strengthen your confidence, will provide building blocks that will help you in overcoming your fear. Fear is waiting for you in every step whilst you prepare your attack of positivity so it won’t hurt as much if next time something bad happens. Going through rough patches is just a learning experience, accept that!

During this rough patch, you will realize that you’re way more powerful than what you think, and you are not alone in this many people are hit hard on life, so don’t lose focus if you don’t hit your mark. Relive because you are destined for success and you are special.

3. What defines you best are your own actions:

Fear lives in your mind as a strong imagination to stop you from moving ahead making you worry about the outcome before you have taken any action. Be patient, wait for it because it feels rewarding when you develop yourself from not trying, not doing anything at all to putting in the hours of blood, tears, and sweat.

Believe in yourself that you can handle fear, any situation and use it to develop courage. Treat your actions as experiments, things will be slow but will surely create a new version of you that learns from failures, mistakes, and setbacks. If you want to change yourself, let go of your fear.

PRO Tip:     A wonderful book by Martin Meadows, he discusses how to overcome your limiting beliefs and boosts your confidence levels. For more reviews on this CLICK HERE
4.Train yourself for a healthy life:

Your body and your mind is your temple and what you take in directly or indirectly affects how you feel. Regular physical activity is very important as it improves several body functions. Do yoga, or Hit the gym to refresh and renew your body, mind, and soul. Make it your mantra.

Fear can already be building up inside you and needs to be thrown out from the body so always pay attention to your balance.

Many other factors also play important and vital parts such as sleeping well, eating healthy food. Making the conscious mind focus on the things we desire and not on the things we fear, is the only key to success and to throw out the fear in you.

5. Ask for help if needed.

We all have that one person in our lives to whom we can go and talk and discuss anything especially in times of hardship. Don’t fear embarrassment or rejection and develop the courage to speak up because you are not the only one.

Therefore, don’t hesitate in asking for help so that you gain energy in climbing those hurdles and gain some view of your own and guidance in achieving your dreams.

6. Live with passion

Learn to reside in positivity and start appreciating your life. Don’t pay attention to negative voices, distractions, media, illusions, and also the doubts that keep arising in your mind that fear exists. Always, Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise. That is the sign that you have  WON.

Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success . For more reviews CLICK HERE
7. Belief and Purpose :

All the events that happen in our lives are connected to each other and the importance of them is the timing when they take place. If you look back, you will realize each lesson came with a much-needed message to prepare you for the future.

Don’t forget the future is unpredictable and yes we all fear the unknown. So learn to believe in yourself instead of being paranoid about everything.

“Believe in yourself and the world would be at your feets” – Swami Vivekanand


What ever you do don’t Quit, build your future

Are you one of them who often wonders what ‘future-you will be like? Well, it’s something worth contemplating through deep and inward thinking.  So whatever you are doing in your life don’t quit, build your future by following your passion.

Although you have never met the ‘future-you, he is actually the one carrying the eternal flames of your dreams. He is bound by the decisions that you make today, it directly or indirectly affects the ‘future-you.

When you decide of quitting and giving up on your dreams, you are hurting and killing the ‘future-you. One day when you will finally become the ‘future-you, all you will have is regrets and it’ll be too late to change that decision of giving up. Life does not come with a rewind button.

We completely understand what you must have been feeling right now. We all have been there as well when we think it’s impossible and the only option that is left for us is to QUIT. We all at some point in our lives have reached a level of failure that has become invincible. Believe me, we all have been there where we think we can’t go on and life has left nothing for us in stores.

Let us tell you, IT’S REALLY OKAY, to feel like that sometimes but the only thing which is not okay is to QUIT!


We know and completely understand that you are going through the worst phase but this is the best solution to fix your problem, take a break and get out of your head for a few days and think about the meaning of your life and think why you’re still here?

You are here for a reason, on a mission instead and you are not a coward you will never quit leaving the mission incomplete. We can say this because life is a choice and you can end it whenever we want to but you have not right? Because quitting is not a thing for a person like you.

Do you think QUITTING is the only best option:

Sometimes quitting is the best thing to do. Sometimes we have so many things on the go where by quitting we free up some time to focus on the things which are more important to us and require more attention. But the only advice we have for you is to think about the ‘future-you’ before taking such decisions. Think about certain consequences, think about whether you’ll be happy with the result and whether your future self will be affected.

We understand that there are no absolutes in life. No one is completely right or completely wrong. But we can think at least about the circumstances before taking any decision.


What do you see he/she does, when you imagine your future self? Where do you see yourself when you picture yourself? Do you always see your future self the way you have always wanted to? Do you see the same future-you when you think of quitting?


We have done a lot of imagination and visualizing in this article already. Visualizing yourself is a great way to fall in love with the amazing person that you are about to create in the future based on the decisions that you take today. This is the best way to keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Help yourself today by visualizing a better future every time. Be outrageous and think of the possibilities that might scare you now.


The next step is the hardest one:  TAKE ACTION!

Follow your dreams. Follow the steps above and conquer your dreams. Always remember, if you can’t dream it, then you can never achieve it. Don’t be afraid of dreaming.

All the best for your future.

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