Eco Tours: Experience the wonders of Nature

I know everyone will be busy meeting their friends and family over this festive season so all I would suggest is to care for each other and share the joy across everyone. So, as part of this process and also to celebrate our Christmas Eve with my office colleagues we went out to a resort.

Usually most of the time we always go to most entertaining resorts which has all the attractions. So this time we wanted to try something different. I was looking out for alternative options where we as a team wanted to explore the wonders and peacefulness of nature.

Eco Tours A collection of Interviews

During this process, I have encountered with Eco-Tourism friendly resorts and found exactly what we were looking.

So what is Ecotourism and how different is it from others?

In a nutshell, Ecotourism is nothing but a respect for the environment. This type of tourism involves less pollution, low-impact, and less waste. It is like visiting a natures paradise as an individual with all natural means:

  1. Tourists are encouraged to walk and also promote cycling and hiking.  Unlike the traditional vehicles which pollute the environment. By following these simple regulations tourists are respecting the environment. Also, they are not disturbing the natural habitat.
  2. Unlike traditional hotels, the tourists will be exposed to eco-lodges.  The locals share their knowledge and their lifestyle.
  3.  The individual will experience the local foods without any food waste. Most of these meals include organic, vegetarian and sometimes vegan food as well.

Pro tip:  Hear from alot of travellers who has already experienced the nature like never before.

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It adds additional revenue for the locals as most of them offer home stays and guide you through their lifestyle and talk about the prominent things around them.

I had the true experience of being close to nature and spending our quality time exploring and hiking the surrounding places. I just felt that it was just a start and they are a lot of places like these around the world.

So it just happened that I have one more item added to my bucket list, i.e. to explore all of these places that are described in this wonderful journey

If you are bored with your regular life and want to experience the true nature and re-evaluate yourself then I highly recommend you to travel the eco-friendly way.


World Whisky Day – A day of global whisky celebration

If you’re friends with Jack Daniels, Macallan and spend your weekends with Jameson and Johnnie then World Whisky Day – A day of global whisky celebration is for you. It will have a special significance for you. In beverage world, whisky is considered to be an iconic and most admired drink among true alcohol lovers. To be honest, no one needs an excuse to have drink, if you need one, World Whisky Day is for you

History of World Whisky Day:

I am sure that they are lot many individuals who love to have whisky but never knew anything about having a World Whisky Day exists. So here is our attempt to help you understand when this has begun and what is the origin.

The origins of word Whisky was found in the Gaelic language.

In classic Gaelic language, Whisky was called as Uisce Beatha, which eventually became Uisce Beatha in Ireland and Uisge Beatha in Scotland.

Wondering what is the meaning of Uisce Beatha or Uisge Beatha?

Well, it means “Water of Life”, tells us how important and vital this beverage was to Gaels.

Going forward, names changed slightly and got to Uisce/Uisge and then finally started calling it as Whisky.

Well, if your wife or family/ friends are concerned about your alcohol levels, then just tell them that you are drinking the water of life!

So, what is Whisky?

Well if you want to understand where is your delicious Whisky is from then here we go:

It comes from rich flavorful grains which go through a fermentation process to form a mash. Further, the mash is then distilled it down to get the pure spirit.  Distillation stage is crucial because the whole purpose of distillation process is to purify the alcohol from a fermented mash. The distillation process takes place only in a copper still (device).

Copper still is used because it removes sulfur from the drink, if not our delicious whisky would be in a stage where one cannot enjoy the drink.

How to Celebrate World Whisky Day:

World Whisky Day gives an opportunity for individuals to try out all different varieties that are available in the market. It is a great way to taste all of these delicious drinks at the local market.Keep an eye on local events, restaurants do engage their customers by creating a Whisky Tasting events at their restaurants, this can be a start.

Make sure you try out all different tastes. Please do take a little effort to understand your Whisky made and where it is from. This information will be helpful for you in future if you feel like having it again and again.

I am sure no one can taste all wonderful drinks in one single day so plan your days accordingly so that you can cover your local market offering whisky tasting events.Do involve your friends and family to these events. After all spending time with loved ones is what we care about.Remember that World Whisky Day is to celebrate the delicious drinks that we have rather than being drunk. So, drink responsibly and act smart.If you have attended any of these events before or you have liked this article please do comment and share.

If you have attended any of these events before or you have liked this article please do comment and share.

Have a whiskyful day 🙂


Amazing canal road with lots of twists and turns

This time I have been to an exciting place near my hometown and found this beauty via Google Maps ( Duvva to Bhimavaram) and it has helped in two ways, found a quick route to reach my destination and the road was a canal road, that means we have greenery on both sides of the road.

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Please do check out the google maps route linked here and you can see how steep the curves were. It was great and pleasant drive and I was able to see the sunrise and captured some beautiful moments. Imagine a view where the land is covered with greenery ( paddy fields) and the sky is in light blue colour and sun is just rising up. Well, this is a perfect moment for an individual who loves nature with a pure heart. I am blessed to see this view and thought it would be great to take some videos while I drive. ( This video is captured while I was driving, all safety precautions are taken care off)

Journey Details:

Total journey is about 36km from Duva village to  Bhimavaram city ( West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh). This route connects small villages in between and has some food joints for a quick snack if you are hungry.  I would suggest to stop by a place where there is some movement rather than a remote place. This entire route goes dead silent after 5 PM and slowly you won’t see any movement at all.

 From Beautiful Route to Scary Route:

This is one of the finest routes where it is excellent in daytime and turns to be dangerous at night as you don’t have street lights. Only lights that I relied upon was my car head lights ( So make sure your car head lights are working absolutely perfect).  I have managed to drive this route accidentally at night and found that to be very scary because there was no light at all and humping sounds that I get to hear from the canal water. I am not sure what it was exactly but it was like a perfect set for a horror movie.

Who can enjoy this ride:
  • People who like to travel to new places and admire nature’s beauty
  • People who like to drive different routes, especially which has more twists and turns
  • All individuals got habituated to city life should be definitely visiting this place
  •  Individuals who have craze for selfies can take selfies near paddy fields
  • Anyone want to enjoy cool breeze and want to spent time  in farms

This ride will definitely be stress buster, please do try and let me know your experience in comments section.



My Visit to Saraswathi Temple in Vargal

My motivation to travel has doubled because I get to capture the moments and also at the same time express the same on my blog. This is my first attempt describing a short trip that I had planned for the weekend with my entire family.

How did I finalize my place firstly?

This is the first and foremost question that every individual will have on his mind when they are ready to travel, but they are unsure about the place and the way. Well, I didn’t want to get stuck with this thought, so I took on to other blogger’s experience and started browsing few articles over the internet and finally zipped through few places where I can travel back and forth in a day and get a good night sleep over the weekend.

So, the first criteria were to find out a place where it is easy to commute and should be less than 100KM drive. Secondly, the place should be in a stage where I would get some crowd rather than going to a remote place as I was going along with the family so I had to look for something comfortable for everyone. I found few places where we decided to try out Saraswati Temple at Vargal. Well, I have heard about this temple from few of my relatives and friends before and this excited me to visit the place and obviously visit the spiritual place.

What is this place famous for?

According to Hindu culture, kids at 2-3 years of age go through “Aksharaabyasa” ceremony and Basara is very well known for it. The same ceremony can be done at Vargal Saraswati temple who are nearby to the place. “Vargal” is known for “Aksharaabyasa” for children and also it is one of the popular pilgrimage sites around Medak and Hyderabad.

How to reach Vargal?

I chose to drive to Vargal from my place as it was more comfortable and also I was in a place where I can use “Outer Ring Road” and skip the traffic. The place was about 90kms from my home and it took me about an hour and a half to reach the place.

How did I pay my Toll Tax?

As everyone is aware of the “Modi’s effect on our currency, all Tolls were not accepting old 500 and 1000 Rupee notes and unfortunately I was carrying few old notes and I couldn’t use it and finally I have tried different options of payment like “Paytm” and debit/credit card swipes and finally I was able to pay my Toll Fee by swiping my Credit Card and experience was wonderful. Being a techie guy I had different plans on my head about automating the whole Toll fee payment process but I held on to that thought and got back to driving.

Roads were really good and at regular intervals, I get to see Signboards and directions to the temple and I found few places where you could stop by for a quick “chai” (i.e. aka Indian Tea) and get going with the driving. I have used Google Maps (Read More: How to use Google Maps offline ) to direct me from my home to Vargal and entire journey was smooth and I didn’t face any signal drop during my travel.

More information about the temple:

I am happy that temple authorities are taking time and making sure that they have an online presence as well and I was able to find all the information related to the temple here

Timings: 6 AM – 12.30 PM and 4 PM – 7.30 PM from Monday to Thursday, 6 am – 2 pm and 4 pm- 7.30 pm from Friday to Sunday. For more information of their website please check their website.


Well if you are not driving then you can also use Telangana Bus Transportation which starts at 10.15 AM from Secunderabad and again a shuttle runs from Temple to Secunderabad at evening time around 5.00PM.

My Experiences:

  • If you are traveling with elderly people then I would suggest using Lift’s as this temple is located on the elevated hill and it is going to be difficult for elderly people to use the staircase. Check for the lift instead of taking the stairs.
  • The place is surrounded by Monkey’s make sure that you are not carrying any food-related bags freely. If you have to carry then please go cover them with some sort of a cloth or a bag
  • You get to have fresh air as pollution is not that much compared to urban life.
  • You get to see the big idol of Saraswathi Devi

Please do visit this place and do share your experiences in the comments section. If you have any questions please do comment 🙂

Stay safe and travel a lot 🙂


What I have experienced in Los Angeles on first day

Visiting the United States of America was for the first time and I was excited and had goosebumps right from the moment I got selected to be part of a project implementation at my work pace. At the moment, I just had only one feeling all over my mind was that I will be in the USA soon but to be honest never ever had a clue where I would go to.

Airport Arrivals:

A lot of thinking has been put in to make sure that airport arrivals are free most of the time rather being cluttered with travelers. Designated areas have been set up where individuals have to board a bus to get into the city. We were a small group so it made sense for us to rent a car for our travel so we were directed to a designated area where shuttle services run and drop us at the car rental services. This is very useful as it clearly points out the destinations and then avails further service. Well good aspect of these shuttle services are run for Free of cost, yes it is free and drivers are absolutely friendly.

Google Maps helped:

It is one of those things that you get to learn while working. I want to thank Google which helped me to prepare well for this challenge. It is always good to know about the place where you are traveling and you set up some expectations and understanding. It is very important to understand your surroundings so that you can move around like a local rather than being a new bee.

Climate and Environment-friendly place:

I get to know about the climate and it is one of the best states in the USA where you get to see a decent climate. Temperatures don’t go too high nor too low. I would say it is a perfect sunshine with a little bit cooler breeze. I found this amazing and very few places on earth have this perfect combination and I have enjoyed every bit of it.I was not surprised to know about the cleanliness and maintenance but I was amazed to see how much amount of thought process is involved in their day to day work. For example:- back in my hometown, i.e. Hyderabad, you get to see all the mud flying away from the plant because it doesn’t have any protection and ultimately aids to pollution.

But in Los Angeles, I get to see the trees trunk part is covered with concrete and there is no scope for dust pollution even though it is windy. I think we need to implement this to reduce the pollution effect.


Finally, I have landed in the paradise where most of the entertainment business goes on, yes you have guessed it right, I have landed in HOLLYWOOD and it was simply superb. Wish I could just express everything that I have seen but I’m falling short of words here.

Well, these are few quick observations that grabbed my attention and finally crashed into my sack after 26 hours of continuous travel.

Stay safe and explore the world 🙂

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