Drinking beer is beneficial for your health, Top 7 benefits

It is one of the common beverages that is universally accepted by both men and women across the globe. The wide range of choice that we get out in the market makes it remarkable and urges individuals to have it more all the time. It doesn’t really matter in terms of when you are having it, it is always good to have one lager. This article will list out Top 7 benefits of drinking beer that one can avail.

Well, it is widely spoken about their calorie count and end up having a beer belly if you consume this every day. But we also need to understand that too much of anything is not good for your own health. If you are meeting a friend and planning to have one or two drinks then you end up getting extra calories. These extra calories can be shred by doing few household activities. We always have a healthy alternative but end of the day it depends on an individual’s choice.

Well, beer can be extremely friendly to your body if you drink responsibly. If you think that it is a beverage where you can get wasted then we wouldn’t suggest this at all. If you drink responsibly then drinking beer is a perfect choice. Being responsible will have its own benefits:

Top 7 benefits of drinking beer:

Here is a list of benefits that one can avail who like to drink beer:

Controlled Portion/ Quantity:

Most of the time beer is served in pint glasses or come with a manufactured packaging with a known quantity. This makes it easy to relate the amount of beer that an individual had.

Beer is rich in B Vitamins:

Beer does provide vitamins, yes you have read it right. Beer is packed with B vitamins from the yeast. Especially unfiltered beer is high in B3, B6 and folic acid. Folic acid helps an in preventing colon cancer in an individual.

Beer is rich in Fibre:

A beer has high fibre quantity, which acts as a natural laxative. Having few beers will make you full and suppresses your appetite, thus helping an individual not to indulge in overeating.

Beer aids in Stress reduction:

Consuming beer in limited quantity on occasional basis results in reduced stress levels. The study shows that consumption of alcohol moderately reduces stress and anxiety which are the prominent reasons for heart attacks    

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The risk factor of developing Gallstones are lower:

Beer helps in cleansing your kidneys in certain aspects, it helps in urination and aids in flushing out toxins from the body. A Gallstone is nothing but an accumulation of bad cholesterol within your stomach and causes pain.

Beer is good for your bone density:

The recent study shows that consuming beer will help to keep your bones strong. It is the only beverage which does this good deed to your body compared to wine or scotch. So be responsible while drinking beer and consume this as a friendly beverage and do not treat this as a medium to get wasted.

Beer is called a social lubricant:

A lager plays an important role, it helps you stay in touch with your friends and also helps you to hang out in social places like clubs and homegrown breweries where you get to meet and greet other beer lovers.

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It is always a great to find like-minded people and you finally end up having a  group of friends who share your same thoughts and opinions. So it is time to mingle with others and try to explore the new aspects of yourself. This is necessary for an individual where they gain their confidence. Also, helps an individual to express their thoughts in a structured format and finally become go-to guys.

The main essence of this article is to give you an overview of the benefits that one can avail by drinking beer.  We recommend to take positive thoughts about the research we do, so don’t think beer is a beverage where one can get wasted. Instead, we recommend you to try different types of beers that are available which makes your intellectual and at the same time a ” Beer Guru”.

                                                                                              Say no drink and drive 🙂

This is my sincere request for all the beer lovers not to drive when you are going out for parties, it is always good to be prepared rather than staying up in a hospital or going through pain. Remember you have loved ones waiting for you at home and they need you

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