What is dehydration? Causes, Symptoms, Best Remedy for Dehydration

Dehydration is a condition when a considerable amount of body fluids, water are reduced in a human body. In a sense, the human body cells will not have access to sufficient amount of water. So it affects your overall body.

Causes of Dehydration:

As an individual, you tend to involve in various courses of daily activities. They are so many ways that one can lose excess fluids if not monitored, like:

  • If you are not taking enough water on regular basis
  • If you don’t meet your daily water requirement
  • If you are living in a city or place where it is really hot.
  • Excess urination
  • Excess sweating etc.

On day to day basis, these are few observations that I have listed out which can cause dehydration.

I know for sure that everyone in Hyderabad, India has identified that the summer has started with a full bang without even entering the months of April / May. If you are taking a walk at 10:00 am in the morning towards my Office from the bus-stop is no less than walking on burning charcoal. In addition to the summer heat, the hot airs that pass through you, the water content of your body goes out as Sweat. Your mouth starts to dry, the body goes a little shaky from all the things above. We as Students, Working Professionals, and adults rushing to our destinations don’t remember having enough water after breakfast and sometimes without even breakfast is one of the reasons for this. In our journey to reach our destination, the hot air will make your body water evaporate in a

We as individuals rush to our destinations and don’t remember having enough water after breakfast.  In our journey to reach our destination, the hot air will make your body water evaporate in a jiffy. Undergoing this every day will lead to restlessness at school/work. Vehicular traffic gets disturbed even if any one of the two-wheelers or four-wheeler drivers falls prey to these symptoms. It is also worthwhile mentioning of the pedestrians falling prey to sun-strokes.

People traveling on two-wheelers are the usual ones to fall prey as they tend to absorb the most of the summer heat. The dressing of these two-wheelers should be so, that they can sustain the heat during the ride. These will definitely make you lose your memory/concentration for that one single second where you may meet with an accident. If you do not want to be in a situation ever as like this, then you should at least be drinking water as frequently as half an hour.

This is not the season where you can spend time on Cycling, pull-ups, weight training, or even running. But if you wish to do so, then please do hydrate your body with necessary fluids.  Construction site workers, Marketing executives who get constantly exposed to high temperatures should always wet their mouth with at least 100-200ml of water. Whenever you feel that you are feeling the fatigue, please ensure that you take drinks based on Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride.

Excessive heat, urine in a complete yellow color, increase in your body temperatures are to be considered severe warnings. Hyderabad is now currently running on average temperatures recording over and above 40 Degrees. This is not just the matter of a single city, any other city that runs into temperature ranges as like Hyderabad. These temperatures can only lead towards dehydration and any further complications. These can lead to malfunctioning of many organs in a human body too, and hence the suggestion to drink at least 5-7 liters of water on a daily basis.

Symptoms of Dehydration:

Symptoms of Dehydration are different based on an individual body type and also their resistance levels, age, gender etc. The following are few commonly observed symptoms that one has to attend and take precautionary measures soon.

  1. Frequent Headaches and Migraines
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Body pains and Joint pains
  4. High fevers
  5. Muscle spasms
  6. Leg cramps
  7. Dry eyes
  8. Inappropriate bowel movements and digestion issues
  9. Dry skin
  10. Frequent Nosebleeds
  11. Constipation
  12. Fatigue

Individuals who are victims of dehydration has to be observed under constant monitoring. Please make sure they take the required amount of water and fluids to regain normality.  If the condition is critical and having a high fever then please don’t delay and consult your family doctor to seek further assistance.

Best drink for dehydration:

So best remedy of best drink or best electrolyte drink for avoiding dehydration is water and sometimes it is advised to add pinch of sugar and salt to water and consume it on regular basis (this will act as an electrolyte that can be prepared at home without much of a hassle)

Well staying hydrated all the time during summer is the best thing that one can do and if you are looking alternatives then we suggest you take some fruit juices to substitute water and still able to maintain hydrated.

We wish you all the health and wealth, happy Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa to all our readers. For individuals who are wondering what is Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa (it’s a new year that people from Southern Part of India celebrate)