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Use of Flesch reading ease score in the blogging world

I have decided to write up an article on this so budding bloggers can make the most of it. I always believed blogging is a self-learning process then present their own opinion to the world. So, I won’t prolong this anymore and I am going straight going to the topic.

What is Flesch reading score:

Have you heard this word “Flesh reading score” before, if yes then you are on right path. If you have no clue about this then I would suggest you pay attention to this. It plays a vital for your content and ultimately helps you to gain quality traffic.

Yes, I have mentioned traffic. I have been an active member of few Facebook blogging communities and all they need is to understand how to build quality and organic Traffic. So here is one important aspect that an individual has to concentrate on if you are looking to build organic traffic.

I have been looking for few content analysis tools and most of the internet community that I follow suggested me to go with YOAST SEO Plugin. After installation, I have encountered the term “Flesh Reading score”. As a newbie, I had no clue about this and didn’t understand it at all and after some reading, I found answers to the following questions:

  • How is Flesch reading score determine your content quality?
  • Why is SEO score is important?
  • How can we measure Flesch reading ease score?

In this article, I will explain my personal experience with using YOAST SEO plugin and how it has helped me to write a quality content.

What is Flesch reading score?

Flesch reading ease test measures your content and the way a point is expressed, yes it measures your language skills. In short, it determines how well a topic is explained. If you have installed Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress blog then you get to see your Flesch reading ease test score at the end of the article ( this score is provided before publishing your content).

Score displayed on the above screen was my article score prior going through this concept, please see my score at the end of this article. See how much I have improved 🙂

If your Flesch score is low then your content is difficult to understand for your readers. The result of having high score will yield in 100% bounce rate. If your Flesch score is high then it implies that you have quality content. So having quality content implies the good amount of readers.

How is Flesch score measured?

This predefined algorithm uses the sentence length and the number of syllables per word. Sentence Length is determined by the number of words used in a sentence.

What is best Flesch Score?

As per the standard norms, anything between 60-70 is considered to be best Flesch score. It is universally accepted in the web world.

This is my score after carefully editing my article based on the content analysis. I was able to achieve this 74%  based on the feedback.

Thanks to the Yoast SEO Plugin.




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