How to lose water weight quickly in a week?

I am sure losing weight is everyone’s dream but to the matter of the fact, only a few people fulfill their dream by staying focused and determined. One has to understand that you as an individual is solely responsible for increasing weight so when it comes to losing weight one has to take equal measures. So in today’s article, we will discuss few methods or techniques which will help reduce their water weight quickly.

If you are one of those individuals who is looking to lose water weight then we suggest you start drinking more water and follow few of these techniques or methods:

Start drinking more water:

Yes, you have read it right.  One has to start implementing this straight away by consuming an adequate amount of water. This is vital because drinking water will help you stay hydrated and it helps your body to release fluids and detoxify any unwanted toxins. This helps you to flush out any food that may make you feel bloated.If your body is dehydrated then your body will start compensating more water so that it will be extra water weight. So please do make sure that you drink at least seven to eight glasses of water per day.

Quick Tips to lose water weight quick:

Rather than gulping water at once, we would suggest you sip through the water at regular intervals which help to stay hydrated. Unlike, if you start gulping water you might end up having a bloated belly.

Start reducing your Salt intake:

The key to reducing water weight quickly is to make sure that you cut down salt intake on daily basis. Consuming lot of sodium is bad for your body because it helps to store water in your body and make you feel bloated. According to the standards, one has to make sure that they do not cross daily minimum requirement, i.e. 2000-2500mg of sodium. This level of sodium content will help your metabolism to run smoothly.

Quick Tips to lose weight quickly:
  • A big NO to all canned food, they are stored in salt water because it acts a preservative
  • Avoid frozen meats, we would suggest you go to a local butcher and try to get fresh meat.
  • Start eating food which has less salt content in it.
  • Eating salad is good but make sure you eat them fresh. All pre-prepared Salads dressings and sauces have a high content of sodium. Consuming high amount of sodium on daily basis will not help you lose weight quickly.
  • If you can avoid cheese, that’s great.
  • Stay away from Mc Donald’s and KFC French fries, their fries are loaded with loads of Salt.
Eating more Fiber in your meals:

It is always good to have more fiber to be part of your daily meals because it will help you stay full after your meals. Further, it will help you to avoid dessert cravings or quick snacks after your meals. In a way, you are restricting the calorie intake, which is a good aspect for your overall health. Including high fiber content food in your daily meals will help you to cleanse your urinary tracts, colon, and your kidneys. Doing so will flush out unnecessary toxins and excess water. This will help you to get rid of excess water from your body and at the same time detox your kidneys and colon.

Quick tips to lose weight quickly:
  • Include flax seeds and whole grain cereals in your breakfasts
  • Include steamed vegetables in lunch and dinners
  • Avoid eating roasted or fried vegetables.
  • Make sure fruits as part of your meals, like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, oranges etc.
  • Start having black coffee and green tea. These drinks will provide the required amount of antioxidants for your body.

Sauna or Steam time for you:

One of the best ways to get rid of excessive water from your body is through sweating. If you have access to sauna or steam rooms in your gym, then it is definitely recommended. A quick 20 minutes session will do the magic for you. Also, please do keep in mind that you have to stay hydrated before the session and after the session.

This session will help you to lose excess water weight from your body and also flushes out a lot of toxins that have been accumulated in due of time.   Also, make sure you avoid taking unnecessary stress, if you find yourself in a stressful situation,  then try to follow some of these tips

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Say no to Alcohol consumption:

If you are looking forward to losing water weight and look perfect for date night then avoid consuming alcohol for few days. Consuming alcohol will make you feel dehydrated and you end up drinking more water to compensate the same, this results in excess water weight.

So cut down the glass of wine or pint beer for few days before so that you can lose excess water weight from your body and look amazing for your big day.

Stayed focused and work out:

One of the best ways to reduce or lose water weight quickly from your body is to stay focused and work out regularly. The best way to shed excess water is through sweating and this can be achieved by your regular workouts. If you are used to the regular workouts and fancy something new then indulge yourself in high-intensity workouts. This will help you stay motivated and keeps you focused.

Well, one has to remember that losing excessive water from your body is not at all good. One has to maintain a proportionate amount of water and stay hydrated all the time. Following the above tips will definitely help you stay focused and lose excess water weight in a week. Ensure you always stay hydrated, this is essential if you are not maintaining your required level of water content. Otherwise, it might lead to other health concerns. If you want to be in the game make sure you always win it 🙂

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