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Why should you Be Using a WordPress Content Locker Plugin

Why Should You Be Using a WordPress Content Locker Plugin

When you read about Content lockers, a lot of questions do appear on the mind like:

How is it helpful for the bloggers?

What is the benefit of doing this?

Why should you be using a WordPress Content Locker Plugin in general?

Well, to answer all of your questions, I have formulated few bullet points which will help you understand the need for Content Locker plugins and answers the question” Why should you be using a WordPress content locker plugin

So to begin with, the primary purpose or the functionality of a content locker pro plugin is to lock the content by means of a popup. This can be unlocked by a predefined action that the blogger can set up.

  • It can be, subscribing to your email newsletter. That means the reader has to enter their email id to unlock the content.
  • It can be used to increase your social media fan base. That means the reader has to like your social media page to unlock the content.

Top useful tips while using the best content locker for WordPress:

  • Make sure you provide high quality and interesting content for the reader. Make sure you gain the trust of the reader with your quality content.
  • Provide value to the reader by unlocking the content. If they don’t feel the value then won’t be your loyal readers anymore
  • Appeal your audiences to unlock the content by providing a discount code or a coupon.
  • You have to remember that you are asking the readers to unlock the content by signing up with their email id or follow on your social media accounts so make sure the unlocked content has more value to the readers.

What else you can do with WordPress best content locker plugin:

  • Grow your Email list and also the trust factor
  • Increase your social media presence , in terms of fan following
  • Lead generation, turn readers into paying customers
  • Monetize your content. I.e. basically offer the option to read the full article for readers who opt for a one off subscription fee. This can only be an option if you are providing extremely high quality content.

So make sure you properly utilize the features of this extremely value adding a plugin for your WordPress blogs and start reaping the benefits.

Do comment your experiences using the plugin.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

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