World Whisky Day – A day of global whisky celebration

If you’re friends with Jack Daniels, Macallan and spend your weekends with Jameson and Johnnie then World Whisky Day – A day of global whisky celebration is for you. It will have a special significance for you. In beverage world, whisky is considered to be an iconic and most admired drink among true alcohol lovers. To be honest, no one needs an excuse to have drink, if you need one, World Whisky Day is for you

History of World Whisky Day:

I am sure that they are lot many individuals who love to have whisky but never knew anything about having a World Whisky Day exists. So here is our attempt to help you understand when this has begun and what is the origin.

The origins of word Whisky was found in the Gaelic language.

In classic Gaelic language, Whisky was called as Uisce Beatha, which eventually became Uisce Beatha in Ireland and Uisge Beatha in Scotland.

Wondering what is the meaning of Uisce Beatha or Uisge Beatha?

Well, it means “Water of Life”, tells us how important and vital this beverage was to Gaels.

Going forward, names changed slightly and got to Uisce/Uisge and then finally started calling it as Whisky.

Well, if your wife or family/ friends are concerned about your alcohol levels, then just tell them that you are drinking the water of life!

So, what is Whisky?

Well if you want to understand where is your delicious Whisky is from then here we go:

It comes from rich flavorful grains which go through a fermentation process to form a mash. Further, the mash is then distilled it down to get the pure spirit.  Distillation stage is crucial because the whole purpose of distillation process is to purify the alcohol from a fermented mash. The distillation process takes place only in a copper still (device).

Copper still is used because it removes sulfur from the drink, if not our delicious whisky would be in a stage where one cannot enjoy the drink.

How to Celebrate World Whisky Day:

World Whisky Day gives an opportunity for individuals to try out all different varieties that are available in the market. It is a great way to taste all of these delicious drinks at the local market.Keep an eye on local events, restaurants do engage their customers by creating a Whisky Tasting events at their restaurants, this can be a start.

Make sure you try out all different tastes. Please do take a little effort to understand your Whisky made and where it is from. This information will be helpful for you in future if you feel like having it again and again.

I am sure no one can taste all wonderful drinks in one single day so plan your days accordingly so that you can cover your local market offering whisky tasting events.Do involve your friends and family to these events. After all spending time with loved ones is what we care about.Remember that World Whisky Day is to celebrate the delicious drinks that we have rather than being drunk. So, drink responsibly and act smart.If you have attended any of these events before or you have liked this article please do comment and share.

If you have attended any of these events before or you have liked this article please do comment and share.

Have a whiskyful day 🙂

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