Types of Motivation and Examples

Motivation is an internal process that encourages you to do something new or achieving a task. 

A person who is motivated by the desire of achievement may spend many hours studying or the one who is motivated by money may desire to work for long hours. Sometimes, you get motivated in life by pleasure or sometimes by pain.

So How do you find Motivation

Surroundings keep motivating you in different forms. The following is a list that displays types of motivation

Some good motivation examples that can be driven by pleasure are

  • Basic needs (food, clothes, and shelter),
  • Achievements (Career, school, etc.),
  • Adventure (Feeling of excitement),
  • Money (freedom of life) etc.

Motivation examples that are drive by pain are

  • Fear of loss
  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Change

Everyone’s basic human need is different from others depending upon their priorities. Tony Robbins has developed the six factors on why you are the way you are?

Needs for personal achievement:

1. Certainty:

This top basic human need to feel secure, and safe about the future. This is the need for basic comfort to avoid pain and stress. Our need for certainty creates pleasure for the survival mechanism.

2. Uncertainty & Variety:

Uncertainty might put you in surprising mode. You don’t know what will happen next? It’s the need of various emotions of challenges, excitements, adventures, variety, etc. 

Needs of the Love:

3. Significance:

We all want to feel important. This is the need of special, pride, desire to be seen, heard and listened to – in short, you want to be noticed.

4. Love & Connection:

This need for communication, express your feelings to them directly or indirectly so that they can feel secure and happy. This will help to build good healthy relationships between people. It can be husband and wife or it can be between brothers and sisters etc.

You need to feel appreciated by your loved ones, might be your family or friends.

The need of the Spirit:

5. Growth:

The need for intellectual and spiritual development leads you towards growth and always striving to be better and succeeded 

6. Contribution:

This might be heard by you “the secret to living is giving”. The need to care, protect and share gives meaning to your life.

The ultimate significance in life comes not from something external, but something internal.

Have you ever thought about your motivation?

You need to understand your own self-motivation; it will not only help you to achieve something new in your life but also make your life easy. 
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