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How to record your computer screen for free 2017

Today’s article is very commonly used phrase in an individual career, especially if your work responsibility includes a lot of presentations and demonstrations. I have known people spending hours and hours of time to come up with best presentations. Most of them fall into an

Best Practices while Using Tomcat

Below article will help you understand the  Top best practices that are in use while utilizing Tomcat Installation of Tomcat is pretty straight-forward but a point to note is to use a suitable path (the %CATALINA_HOME% that we set on the environment variables) which do

How to Avoid Day time Sleep, 9 best way

I am sure everyone who is reading this article has been a victim of Daytime sleep and have experienced this at work and few might have gone through embarrassment. I.e. especially your boss is watching you sleep at work. This happens and I have seen

How to resolve frequent crashes on Eclipse Luna?

Have you ever wondered why your eclipse IDE started behaving cranky and crashes very frequently? If you are one among many individuals having following questions , we have appropriate solution for you 🙂 Eclipse Luna hangs frequently? Eclipse frequently hangs with High CPU usage Eclipse

How to install MAVEN on your system?

The following article will help you understand the use and step by step installation guide (Maven in 5 minutes) To set-up MAVEN 3.3.9 on Windows 7 64-bit machine, you could follow the below steps. This should be a piece of cake, if you are doing