How to Turn off the Badge Count for Single App

With the help of the technology and mobile apps evolution, spreading information or marketing about a brand or product has been very simple and also proved to be very economical, unlike the traditional SMS where the user has to no control over the Inbox and it is cluttered with different messages and doesn’t have any segregation.

With the help of mobile application, information is pushed to their devices by the vendors and it is all available within the mobile application. All these notifications are cluttered and they are all placed in notification tray for the mobile application and it is handy for the user and can check at ease. What if these notifications are not taken care off, obviously they pile up. When they are not checked at proper intervals the number goes up and the badge count looks ridiculous. Also ending up taking a lot of memory, reducing the battery life (iPhone Charging)

What is badge count?

Badge count is the number of un-noticed or not read messages/notifications within the single application. This is a reminder for the user and provokes him or her to check their messages and be up-to-date with offers or product launches. Usually, this is displayed next to the app icon and the number is highlighted in the red circle.

How to Turn off the Badge Count?

To turn off the badge count for a specific application:


  • Go to Settings on your iPhone (Full Review)
  • Tap on Notifications section on the screen
  • A list of all installed applications is displayed within this screen.


  • Tap on the application where you want to turn off the badge count.


  • Look for Badge count Info section and turn off that section.
We have selected Jabong mobile application to show this trick and its results . 


One has to follow the above process and trick works perfectly 🙂



You can apply this trick to the multiple applications according to your necessity. By doing this user will still receive notifications but the outstanding number is not displayed in badge count.

 What is the use of  Deactivating Badge Count?

  • Well, this is just an option that one can prefer and they can have a cleaner Home screen rather than cluttered with badge counts. Imagine this for all the applications installed.
  • It is useful within festive seasons, businesses generally pound on promoting their products to increase their sales during festive seasons.
  • It is another option that a user can try



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