Apple Support App is now available in the App Store

Support app from Apple? Yes, you have read it right. Apple has launched their much-awaited support app and currently is available only in Netherlands. Plans are being made to release it worldwide soon. Also, news is out that this support app will be included within the iOS built-in software. This app might be automatically added to your iPhone or iPad home screen as soon as you update your software to iOS 10.2 version

What to expect from the app?
  • This application is mainly built to address problems that the apple customers might encounter and provide round-the-clock support.
  • Users will get to know new product releases
  • Users can schedule appointments
  • Engage with Apple advisors and get their questions clarified via Chat
  • Resolve any problems with the new iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices
How to Download the Support App:

As this application is not available across worldwide, so we recommend to download the application from the (Link). If the application is available in your country then you will be redirected to a download page, if the application is not available in your country then users will get a prompt stating it is not available. We advise to  check this site regularly to make sure they can avail real time support.

Apple Support App Features:

Once you have successfully downloaded the application, login using Apple credentials to configure the app. With this authentication, the app will be available to all the devices associated to your account and display the information.

Once the products are listed out, users will be able to avail articles about using the device and relative iPhone features.


Users will be able to initiate a chat with Apple representative and clarify their questions and seek advice if needed.

Schedule Call:

The user will be able to schedule a call with Apple representative to clarify their questions and also seek advice if needed.


All the activities that user has initiated, i.e. Calls, chats and support requests are listed and historical data is available for your future reference.


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