Free Video calling feature on WhatsApp Messenger

Most of us know that WhatsApp has gained huge popularity among the  customer base and has the capability to transfer more than billion message on day to day basis. After Facebook has taken over WhatsApp, the development team has introduced a number of features to make it undefeated compared to other communication/ messaging apps. As one of the software updates version no: 2.16.17 or any other further release allows users to utilize real-time bi-directional video calling feature with the existing WhatsApp contacts.

If we closely compare, real-time bi-directional video calling feature is similar to that of Apple’s Facetime calling feature. The only difference between WhatsApp video calling and Apple’s face time is that WhatsApp video calling is available in all the operating systems. I.e. iOS, Android whereas Apple’s Facetime is only restricted to iOS devices.

Bi-directional video calling feature is far better tuned by Apple’s Facetime compared to the WhatsApp video calling feature. Ultimately, it is easy to talk to your loved ones real time irrespective of their geographical location. Another advantage for users if they are already using WhatsApp and don’t own an Apple device, then they have nothing to lose as they can utilize WhatsApp video calling feature to talk to their friends and family abroad.

How to Download WhatsApp with Video Calling Feature:


If you are already a WhatsApp user then one has to install the updated software version so that video calling feature is enabled for them to utilize. If you are new to WhatsApp then you can go into Play store or App store to download the application to utilize this feature.For you to effectively utilize video calling features, one has to satisfy one clause and which is: both the users should have an updated version of WhatsApp so that they can connect.

How to Dial WhatsApp Video Call:


  1. The user has to open the app and search for the contact from the list or user can search for a contact from the chat list or from favorite’s section/ calls history etc.
  2. Once the contact is selected you will get to see icon’s like “Chat”, “Call”, “Video Call”.
  3. Based on the selection, the user will be able to initiate a video call with the desired contact.
WhatsApp Video Call Facts:
  1. Once the call is initiated, the user has an option to switch cameras (i.e. Front, Back). Based on the selection user has a capability to showcase their surroundings. This feature is similar to that of Apple’s Facetime and you can switch your camera views with your call partner.
  2. If you only want to listen the conversion and have a noisy background you can always mute your line by tapping on “Mic” icon.
  3. You can straight away Decline an incoming video calling by tapping on “Red” hang up icon. This is handy when you are not ready to present yourself in an appropriate manner.

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