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How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free

I have been busy lately and didn’t get a chance to write much but now I have decided to write about something that is really useful for everyone in their day to day life.  Well, guess what is this all about?

Alright, I won’t keep you guessing now.

It is all about Entertainment and Entertainment. It can be your favorite movies, series, reality shows all of it can be accessed from your mobile phone.

Excited, well you should be. Because it is available for free. YES IT’S FREE

All of this can be done by registering yourself here. What are you waiting for give it a try? It takes less than 30 seconds to signup.

Also, just wanted to let you know that they are more benefits available for the users who sign up.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now


  1. Free shipping
  2. Free Same day delivery
  3. Earn rewards for no rush shipping item, this is can be availed for your future purchases.
  4. Browse through your favorite tv shows, Prime movies for free all through from one Mobile app, no need to download multiple applications.
  5.  If you are a student then you can avail student discounts on eligible products
  6. Early access on prime deals. Yes, you will be treated as a VIP and all the deals and discounts will be first available to your vs other customers. So being prime members definitely has its benefits. Try now


Well, this might be one of your question that is going through in your mind.

  1. We all are living in a mechanical world where most of the time is taken away by our daily chorus or job for that matter. I believe everyone needs a bit of time for themselves, have a laugh ( by watching their favorite comedy show- by the way I love watching Mr.Bean and my love towards cars has been fulfilled by the Grand Tour series)
  2. While you are traveling to your workplace or going to university. You can watch your favorite programs on the go, using their mobile app.
  3.  So chill out when you get chance and live in happy moments.


More in detail information on other services offered by Amazon Prime USA, you can read here.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

I have used affiliate links on this blog post, you won’t be charged anything extra by signing up using the links. I will get a tiny amount of commission and this helps me to get going and run this blog.

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How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video on PC/Mac

Having trouble with your video files?

Not able to watch your favorite videos anymore?

Looking out for a tool that can repair your videos easily?  Well, I am sure we are not going to disappoint you.

In this article, we will go through step-by-step guide to repair corrupted MP4 video files  using ( Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Application )tool you can repair your video files easily.

MP4 is one the widely used format where one can watch movies or favorite web series etc on your Personal Computers or smartphones. What if the video file that you are viewing is corrupted? One cannot view the video until and unless it is repaired Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Application

Luckily, we can leverage this tool (link) which will help you to repair corrupted or damaged video files on your Personal Computer.

When to use this Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Application:

·       If your audio and video are out of synch

·        It is useful when you can hear the audio but not able to see the video

·       When your MP4 video file is completely or partially corrupted.

·       Your MP4 video file got corrupted while you were compressing

Pro Tip:

Use this link to download the required software.

Step-by-Step guide to repair Damaged MP4 video files


Download the software: MP4 video repair on PC/MAC .

Access the link and download Stellar Phoenix MP4 video repair software on your Windows or Mac machine.


Add MP4 files to Repair
You will be able to see an interface where you can “Add” corrupted MP4 files so that they can be repaired



Repair MP4 Video files
After adding the video files, click on “Repair” button to repair the selected Video files. A progress bar will appear which shows the status of the task.


Preview and Save Repaired MP4 video files to PC
You will be able to preview the file after the software has successfully repaired the video file.
Click on “Save” button to save the file on to your Windows or Mac machine.

Pro Tip:
Though this post talks about how to fix a corrupted MP4 video format file this can be used to repair F4V, MOV, M4V files etc.

Top 4 Tips to Prevent Video Corruption:

·       Please avoid recording when your battery is low.

·       When copying files into USB drive please make sure that to eject the drive after file transfers rather than just pulling it off from the machine.

·        Make sure you have latest and updated antivirus program installed on your to Windows or Mac machine

·       Make sure you use good download manager client to avoid broken downloads.

Related :

If you are facing problems with one of the below then : Use this tool will be useful for windows and this tool will be useful for Mac

• Recover lost Photos, Videos & Music files
• Repair JPEG/JPG files with original format intact
• Repair video corrupt files
• Repair PDF corrupt files
• Repair XLS/XLSX corrupt files
• Convert audio/video files into different formats


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Use of Flesch reading ease score in the blogging world

I have decided to write up an article on this so budding bloggers can make the most of it. I always believed blogging is a self-learning process then present their own opinion to the world. So, I won’t prolong this anymore and I am going straight going to the topic.

What is Flesch reading score:

Have you heard this word “Flesh reading score” before, if yes then you are on right path. If you have no clue about this then I would suggest you pay attention to this. It plays a vital for your content and ultimately helps you to gain quality traffic.

Yes, I have mentioned traffic. I have been an active member of few Facebook blogging communities and all they need is to understand how to build quality and organic Traffic. So here is one important aspect that an individual has to concentrate on if you are looking to build organic traffic.

I have been looking for few content analysis tools and most of the internet community that I follow suggested me to go with YOAST SEO Plugin. After installation, I have encountered the term “Flesh Reading score”. As a newbie, I had no clue about this and didn’t understand it at all and after some reading, I found answers to the following questions:

  • How is Flesch reading score determine your content quality?
  • Why is SEO score is important?
  • How can we measure Flesch reading ease score?

In this article, I will explain my personal experience with using YOAST SEO plugin and how it has helped me to write a quality content.

What is Flesch reading score?

Flesch reading ease test measures your content and the way a point is expressed, yes it measures your language skills. In short, it determines how well a topic is explained. If you have installed Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress blog then you get to see your Flesch reading ease test score at the end of the article ( this score is provided before publishing your content).

Score displayed on the above screen was my article score prior going through this concept, please see my score at the end of this article. See how much I have improved 🙂

If your Flesch score is low then your content is difficult to understand for your readers. The result of having high score will yield in 100% bounce rate. If your Flesch score is high then it implies that you have quality content. So having quality content implies the good amount of readers.

How is Flesch score measured?

This predefined algorithm uses the sentence length and the number of syllables per word. Sentence Length is determined by the number of words used in a sentence.

What is best Flesch Score?

As per the standard norms, anything between 60-70 is considered to be best Flesch score. It is universally accepted in the web world.

This is my score after carefully editing my article based on the content analysis. I was able to achieve this 74%  based on the feedback.

Thanks to the Yoast SEO Plugin.




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How to Download YouTube videos for free

Watching YouTube videos is another trending topic right now and thanks to the millions of users.  On day to day basis, a lot of videos are uploaded to retain the freshness of this platform.If you really liked watching a video and want to watch again and again is a pain.  Also, the case that you end up utilizing your entire bandwidth of your monthly internet allowance, which isn’t cool right? So here is the solution, now you can download your favorite videos from YouTube without any external tools or extensions.

This article will answer all your questions like:

  • How do I download YouTube videos?
  • Can I download YouTube videos?
  • How to Download YouTube videos for free online?
How to Download YouTube Videos:

The answer to above all questions is: Yes, you can download the videos by following these simple steps and the best part you don’t need to install any external software’s or extensions. Yes, you have read it right no more creepy extension files, you can download your videos from the browser directly without any hassle.

No more external software’s or extensions required:

If you have already tried downloading videos then I am sure you have gone through situations where you were worried about malware, went through series of ad’s before your download got started etc. It’s time to stop using those techniques and follow our steps carefully and enjoy your videos and don’t worry about streaming it all the time.

Prerequisites to download YouTube videos for free is:

  • A standard configured Laptop or a PC with Active Internet connection
  • Any browser where YouTube isn’t blocked
  • Good download speed Internet connection

Step by step process to download videos to your computer for free:

How to Download YouTube Videos to PC:

  • Open a browser window and access YouTube
  • Browse through YouTube and determine the video that you are planning to download
  • Once the video is determined that you are planning to download, Copy the URL from the browser
  • Paste the YouTube URL into  the mentioned URL here (Download videos here)

  • Follow the steps, there is a paid version also a free version. Please use follow the free version and download the file to your PC.
  • Save the video and enjoy

If you have are looking to download videos  quickly one your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone etc, then follow these steps

Read more on: How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones for free

Hope this article has helped you to get all your favourite videos at one place.

If you like this article helpful, please share this on facebook.


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How to travel cheap with ride-sharing services using Google Maps ?

We have witnessed a huge transformation in terms of how people commute from one place to another and those were days where one would rely on public transport ( buses, trains) and personal transports but taxi services.

But using private taxi’s services has been a problem in many aspects and lately, many ridesharing applications got into the picture to neutralise these pain points for the customers and provide a quality and safety ride from point A to point B.

Over few years we have witnessed a lot of ridesharing apps evolved in the market like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Grab etc. These companies have intruded into the private taxi market and started providing more comfort and safe rides to the customers.  

Having these apps makes the transportation available at fingertips and one doesn’t have to worry about getting from one to place to another at any point of time during the day or night.

How to save money using ridesharing applications?

If you are one of those individuals who use a lot of transport services then this will definitely help you some extra bucks and end up buying something good for yourself or the family or invest the savings to start a new hobby.

All you need is a smartphone (iPhone 7 Review) and have the ridesharing applications installed on your mobile applications. It is not a problem if you don’t have any of these applications installed on the mobile phone.

The following process will help you install the applications and also help you get your transportation sorted out with a discounted price, great right?.

Install latest Google Maps application, if you have already installed the application on your mobile phone then please make sure it has an updated version.  (How to use Google Maps Offline)

If you are an android mobile phone user then you can download the app from the link

If you are an iPhone mobile phone user then you can download the app from the link

If you are a windows mobile phone user then you can download the app from the link

Steps to follow :

  • Once you have downloaded the application, sign into the application using your Gmail account. Once you have logged into the application, make sure you have turned on your GPS setting so that the application can identify your current location.
  • Key in your desired location that you are willing to travel.

  • Once the information is keyed into the application, it will calculate the distance and it will start showing time frames that it will take you to reach the appropriate destination.
  • The time frame does change based on the means of transportation, i.e. you will have a different time displayed based on your selection (Walk, Car, Bus, Train etc).
  • Click on the little man icon carrying a suitcase.

  • Within this tab, an individual can see all the ridesharing apps that are integrated with Google Maps.
  • All the fares are pre-calculated based on the ride-sharing apps and one can compare the fares in real time.
  • If they are happy with the price they can book a reservation by tapping on the desired ride.

  • If the individual has the ridesharing applications has already been installed then the individual will be able to book the reservations straight up and wait for the ride to arrive.
  • If the individual doesn’t have the ridesharing applications installed then the individual will be redirected to the download the application and then book the reservation.
  • All this process is simple and straightforward.
Advantages of using these type of Applications:
Accessibility :

Having to sort out a ride in the middle of the night was a nightmare before but now having these apps, it is just a few taps away if you are using their user-friendly mobile applications. If you are not a user of these applications then I would definitely recommend these. This is a boon for a traveller like me because I can always be assured that at no point or the other I have a trust that I will find a ride back where I want to go.


Well, it is obviously cheap if you are looking at multiple service providers who are into transporting from point A to point B. If you are planning to travel somewhere I would suggest to take a look at the destination and check the fares for these ridesharing applications and always opt for the ones which have lesser price estimated. If you are travelling in peak hours I would suggest looking at the ride estimates few times so that it may show a better price if you are lucky.


Imagine booking a taxi over the phone and giving out the directions for the driver to pick you up is a nightmare and it is called the old school. Thanks to the ridesharing apps as this has been completely modernised and all you have to do is give your destination location.

All of this is happening in the span of 20-30 seconds, pretty cool right!


They have reward programs going on the whole where they give away some discount whenever a friend or relative of yours have used their service using your referral code. If you are not using any of these applications, please use below codes to avail exclusive discounts.

My Referral Link

Krishna has given you an FREE Uber ride (up to $15). Claim your free gift from here

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How to record your computer screen for free 2017

Today’s article is very commonly used phrase in an individual career, especially if your work responsibility includes a lot of presentations and demonstrations.

I have known people spending hours and hours of time to come up with best presentations. Most of them fall into an unknown trap where they don’t know the right tools to capture their screen. Well, not to worry anymore, using this tool loom you will know “How to record your computer screen for free 2017”

In today’s world, we have a lot of options rather than traditional Powerpoints, but we have a lot of presentations that we can create using animated characters, for example,  Video scribe (you can check out more information at ( This tool is extremely useful if you are looking out to express your idea in a creative manner.


I have used this tool for some business presentations and I found this to be very useful. This is not a promotion article but this is more sort of an advice for people out there who spend an awful amount of money and time to create simple presentations.

Well, coming back to the demonstrations and presentations we have a lot of tools in current scenario but only a few satisfy the standards which are nothing but ease of use and better User Interaction. Well in today’s article I will be talking about one of the tools which I have used to record a product demonstration and found it to be very useful and handy. So, here is my contribution to everyone who has a day to day need of preparing demonstrations and also has a need to capture on-screen activity.

What is the use of On Screen Capture Softwares?

Well, it is used to demonstrate the product capabilities and showing the workflow process of the same. This is definitely a boon for a lot of individuals who are in Pre-Sales and do a lot of product demonstrations.

The tool that we will be talking about today in our article is . This is a free service provided by the company and has a pricing version also available based on your needs. Well I said free because you can record up to 10 mins of on-screen activity

How to capture on-screen activity with

To go through the video instructions, please watch my video on YouTube

Either you can follow my YouTube video and replicate the same to use the tool or follow the process that I have listed in stepwise for your understanding:

How to install the Chrome Extension?

  • Open up Chrome browser
  • Key in URL and following screen will appear
  • Click on “ One-click install” button that is highlighted

  • A popup will appear up, please click on “ Add Extension”.
Step 1:
Step 2:

Go into Signup Page

You will have two options to create an account

  1. Continue with Google
  2. Continue with Outlook

Sign up with anyone of your account and instantly start using it.

Once you have logged in a Chrome Extension is installed to your Chrome Browser.

Step 3:

  • Go into My Videos option
  • This will be your start point for you every time when you create a video.
  • Click on Chrome Extension that is been installed earlier

Advantages of using

  • Once you have logged in you can capture videos for about 10 minutes maximum.
  • Video can be saved in different formats
  • It is free and no cost is associated
  • No branding on the video’s created which is perfect for personal or professional use
  • Unlocking capability, refer two of your friends or family and get an upgrade from Once it is verified, you will be able to capture videos unlimited, yes no time restriction, pretty cool right.

Hope you found this useful article helpful and now go ahead and try your own videos and have peace of mind and be more productive.Please subscribe with us so that I can help you out with a lot of cool software’s and give you step by step guide to use new tool’s

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Does it really matter the way we dress has an impact in around us?

There is a phrase “dress for success,” yes! Dress for success. You can ask me how? Okay! What is the first thing that you notice when you meet a new person? I say how he/she is got dressed. So it means that” It really matters the way we dress and has an impact around us.

Why don’t you try getting dressed up tomorrow when you go to the office unlike how you go on weekends and you’ll go through the following:

  • You feel active and energetic
  • Receive compliments on how sharp you look
  • Feel important because your attire is so much fancier than what you wear on the weekends.

Who don’t like compliments? All this result in having a pleasant state of mind which thus helps you work more than you usually do. And now you have got science supporting the feel.

There have been studies on how clothing affects performance. Many of us wonder why different professions have different outfits! The answer is right here: it becomes easy for us to identify the work an individual does.

There is a uniform for workers in the factory or hospital or an NGO which shows that they work for one! Whereas a CA or a speaker or business person dress up in formals or in a blazer that keeps them unique, bold and different from the rest

Did you ever notice a person in blazer doing random things like others do? By random things, I mean getting down the line of what they are supposed to do. Same goes along with other professions.

Scientific Reasons behind dressing sense?

And now you’ve got the science to back that feeling up. As a recent Science of Us article points out, there have been past studies on how clothing affects performance.

For example, the Scientific American highlights studies proving more formal outfits lead to higher abstract thinking, that wearing a lab coat like a doctor can make you focus better, and that wearing the colour red leads athletes to lift a heavier amount of weight (as opposed to wearing the colour blue—who knew?). The point is, what you wear matters.

Tips to follow while attending interviews must-read for today’s young generation:

If you are talking about these aspects, then we would definitely recommend talking about managing their finance, here are few tips ( Mentoring Kids on assets )

There are a few things to be kept in mind apart from having a good outfit which many of the young generation going in search of jobs aren’t aware of. They are:

  • Putting perfume which is mild, never forget to carry a perfume bottle with you.
  • Have a good haircut or tie your hair well unlike leaving it messy.
  • Make sure you attend your nails and have them nice and tidy. Applies for both men and women.
  • Polish your shoes. This is just because a man’s character can be defined based on his shoes.
  • Don’t wear too much of accessories. Play it simple and be cool.
  • Apply a good amount of cream and girls- lipstick.
  • It’s never too late to have a smile on your face rather than having a start face during the interactions.
  • All of these are noted but are rarely said and implemented. So please follow these as guidelines and perform better in your daily life.

This doesn’t mean you get dressed well when you want an extra boost. The Science of us also cites a study stating that dressing down when your office is a normally formal setting can also lead to higher productivity and give off the impression that you are better at your job than others.

By this article, I thought of coming up with points which I have personally noticed that people think secondary and don’t put many efforts on. It is only you who knows how your workplace/college is, but if there’s one thing this study emphasizes, it’s that clothes matter when it comes to how you feel.

So, if you have a bit of flexibility with work attire, choose your favorite accessory or outfit when you need a confidence boost, even if it’s not “typical” in your office. It could make all the difference.


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How to start a conversation about depreciating assets with your kids?

So the big question is how to start off a conversation about depreciating assets with your kids?

Probably this article might be helpful

Parents, who always wonder if their child can understand anything about assets, investment, returns, etc. They will always be in a dilemma about when to start a conversation about this with their kids. I would like to say that there is no particular time to start a conversation about this topic, it depends on the interest levels of your child in particular.  I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but my dad used to oppose saying I must concentrate on studies first.

Having a questioning mind, I never stopped asking him about anything and everything I wanted to know. That may be related to contracts, real estates, pharmaceuticals, etc. though my dad used to explain me in detail, there were few instances where he says you are not old enough to know about them.

I remember one such instance wherein we were discussing something related to land & buildings and there came the topic of depreciation. I was just 10 years old, hardly knew anything but was interested in all these matters as I have already mentioned above that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. He explained me a bit and he told me that you will understand it better when you are grown up.

Being a commerce student we deal with all these topics like depreciation, assets, investments, etc. I say they are no less to your kid’s reach, if well explained. So I thought of being specific on how to talk about this topic with your kids.

To start off with the topic they must understand few terms:

  • Asset
  • Depreciation
  • Depreciable asset

An asset is something that is valuable to a person/ an entity owns. There are two types of assets

  • Fixed assets
  • Current assets

Fixed assets are those which are meant to be there in the business or held by the person also known as the holder of the asset for a longer period of time i.e. more than a year as they can’t be converted into cash in a short period of time. Ex: land& buildings, plant& machinery, etc.

Current assets are those which are held for a short period i.e. less than a year. These are also known as liquid assets as they can be converted into cash easily. Ex: investments, cash, inventory (stock), etc.

Fixed assets can then be divided into:

  • Tangible assets
  • Intangible assets

Tangible assets are those which can be seen and touched. Like a computer, bikes, etc.

Intangible assets are those which can’t be seen or touched. Like goodwill, patent, etc.


Depreciation is nothing but decrease in the value of an asset over its useful life. An asset can be said to be depreciated with use, obsolescence or wear and tear.It is nothing but converting the asset value into an expense. It is a non-monetary amount.

Depreciable assets

These are assets that are depreciated. Ex: car, computer, etc.There are many ways used for depreciating an asset. Of which the popularly used methods are:

  • Straight line method (SLM)
  • Reducing balance method
In what way is this useful to your kids?

 It’s quite natural that kids these days are very much into gadgets. Their desire to purchase the latest trends will never call to an end. Parents must put a step forward in explaining the concept of depreciation which helps them to choose what to invest and is it appropriate? How much longer is this going to stay? Is it worth purchasing?

When your kids start asking these questions tell it to yourself that you don’t have to worry about your child investing in wrong things which are expensive and temporary at the same time. There will not be any situation when you will have to say NO! Anymore to what they ask once they start understanding these things.

This is to all the parents out there to explain your kids about depreciation so that they will not misunderstand you for saying no to any of their unimportant purchase.

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How to Avoid Day time Sleep, 9 best way

I am sure everyone who is reading this article has been a victim of Daytime sleep and have experienced this at work and few might have gone through embarrassment. I.e. especially your boss is watching you sleep at work. This happens and I have seen many people do this, so here are quick tips to make sure that you don’t fall into this category. It’s simple and one has to follow this as a daily routine and eventually, daytime sleeping would be a myth.

Reasons for Day Time Sleep:

Well, it varies from person to person based on their lifestyle, work habits and their lack of standard sleeping patterns. This might be a silly problem to look at but it has lots of adverse effects on your health and ultimately makes you sick in different ways.

What is Hypersomnia?

An individual with Hypersomnia can fall asleep at any point of the time, i.e. either it may be at work or driving back home etc. Individuals with this symptoms have trouble being awake during daytime.

Causes of Hypersomnia:
  • Lack of sleep can be for different reasons, here are few important ones that one has to take care:
  • Sleep apnea (i.e. having breathing problems, interruptions in breathing)
  • Sleep deprivation (individual doesn’t get enough sleep)
  • Overweight (plays an important role in terms of overall health maintenance)
  • Genetics (anyone from the family already has Hypersomnia)
  • Depression
Get a good night sleep:

I am sure most of us tend to be awake little early in the morning or stay back late for a couple of hours to finish of personal works but an adult needs to rest for about 7 hours minimum to a maximum of 9 hours. This will allow your body to heal overnight and gives you enough energy to start your next day routines.

Keep distractions out of your bed:

Most of us tend to use our phones and laptops while we are about to sleep. Watching movies or doing your household accounting while sleeping is a big no because it will leave you sleepless and makes you wide awake. Make sure you have a calm mind and go to bed.

Standard Bed Time:

One has to introduce standard bedtime sleeping patterns and have to follow this strictly during the weekends as well. This will help you to maintain standard sleeping patterns and one doesn’t have to work hard to go to bed.

Consistent Meal times:

Maintaining consistent meal times will help you to maintain healthy tummy (i.e. digestive system). If you are eating late then you will end up having a bloated stomach which ultimately affects your sleeping time. Make sure you follow standard meal times and quantity of food that is consumed.


This is very vital for your body because exercise will ease out all harmful toxins in your body and stretches your muscles. This will ultimately help an individual to slowly fall in sleep without any efforts and results in sound sleep. Also, this will help you to reduce the stress levels within an individual (Tips to Reduce Stress)

Master your prioritization skills:

This is one of those skills which is highly appreciated in the fast moving work environment. Prioritizing tasks will help you complete your tasks on time and also won’t affect your sleeping patterns and also helps you understand what is pending vs what is completed. Based on the list the individual can plan it accordingly during the course of the day.

Don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy:

One has to understand the difference between being tired vs being sleepy. If you are tired then involve yourself in quick bath or have a massage which will release excess stress from your body. If you are sleepy, i.e. drowsy eyes, then it is ideal to hit the sack.

Alcohol Consumption:

Having a couple of drinks before bedtime is not at all advisable for adults because it might actually lead up to several drinks and it goes on. This will lead to dehydration and headaches where an individual loses his sleep again.

Consult a Specialist:

If you are having serious sleeping disorder problems then we would suggest you visit a doctor to take an expert opinion and follow on with the medication that they provide.


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How to Avoid Stress: 8 Best ways to reduce your stress level

How to Avoid Stress: 8 Best ways to reduce your stress level

At some point or the other, each and every individual has already experienced it. It has various factors associated, call it a busy and mechanical lifestyle, living in a concrete jungle, lack of healthy lifestyle and the list goes on and on. To be honest there is article will definitely help you to give some quick tips to manage your stress.

1.   Concentrate on your surroundings:

We humans have an absolute power to think and analyze stuff when compared to other living beings. Concentrate on the different sounds that come from your surroundings and try to frame a tune for the same. This will help you to divert your mind and also helps you to be creative.If you have your mobile phone handy, then you can prefer listening to your own song collection but this is more routine and doesn’t add any value to yourself improvement. It is just a choice for the individual, ultimately listening to music will definitely reduce the stress levels.

2.   Talk to a friend

Talking to your old buddies while you’re stressed is definitely a good option and it will definitely reduce the stress for an individual. Based on the discussion you might end up meeting up for a drink after work or plan for a get together over the weekend, which is always good and also gives you a break from the mechanical life.

3.  Talk yourself through it

Stress can be a devil sometimes and it is really bad and gets you act up cranky. In this situations talking to yourself is the best option rather than relying on anyone else. One has to calm his mind by telling himself about the situation and it is going to last temporarily and motivate yourself to look at brighter side of life.

4.  Eat right

Stress is a beast altogether and there is no definite reason why an individual is stressed out. It can be your lifestyle and eating habits. If you are not eating right you are not providing necessary protein and nutrients to your body and ultimately leads to a lot of side effects, one being stress.

In this busy schedule, people often tend to lose motivation and always look for a quick bite and most of the time it’s not healthy food. If you can inculcate a habit of including vegetables and fruits in your diet, it will be helpful.

5.  Laugh it off

Laughter is one of the best medicines in the world, it releases endorphins which improves your mood and decreases the stress levels of an individual by balancing cortisol and adrenaline hormones. Watching kids is the best thing an individual can get and one can enjoy with a pure heart. Most of the time I tend to watch standup comedy series on YouTube. If you are not sure but want to laugh then I would suggest you go to YouTube and search for funny videos and I can bet you will never be bored again.

6.  Take a small Break:

Sometimes continuous efforts doesn’t yield results, one has to give small breaks to make sure you are giving enough time for yourself and calm your thoughts. This will help you to be fresh for rest of your day work and also these small breaks will help you get creative ideas about your existing tasks or unfinished work and in fact you end up planning perfectly.

7.  Quick Exercises

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean powerlifting at the gym or training for a marathon. A short walk around the office or simply standing up to stretch during a break at work can offer immediate relief in a stressful situation. Getting your blood moving releases endorphins and can improve your mood almost instantaneously.

Among us we have a common myth that exercises are only done at Gym and powerlifting is the only exercise but it not true. A minute walk can also be considered as a small exercise and simple stretches help you to reduce your stress levels. A simple breathing exercise, it can be done at your work desk and you don’t need any tool or equipment to exercise.

8.  Sleep well

Lack of sleep is another major contributor which is the primary cause of stress. It is evident that if you are not sleeping well then your body and brain is not rejuvenated for next day activities. So we recommend you to visit a doctor if you are having sleeping disorders and also make sure no electronic devices are available near your bed. We recommend having your phone in silent mode while sleeping as this won’t disturb your sleep. Based on your needs one can adjust the settings and make sure you can have sound sleep.

Well, these are few tips that can help you manage your stress levels better but also practicing and mastering these techniques will yield better results. Hope you all have a stress free life 🙂

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