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How to use Google Maps offline?

Have you ever thought of having an option where you can use Google Maps mobile application offline? Yes, without having an active internet connection you can use Google Maps mobile application.

Are you a frequent traveler and rely on Google Maps for your routes?

Do you browse maps to identify a place you wanted to know?

If yes, then this information is available at your fingertips with an active internet connection.

What if, if you want to use Google Maps mobile application to satisfy your needs without even your Mobile data ON?

Sounds interesting!!!!

Let me cut the chase and talk about it so that you can leverage this option and enjoy your travel.

How to use Google Maps mobile application OFFLINE?

Now users can download a particular area of the Map within Google Maps mobile application and store it into your phone memory.The article below will show case the detailed steps to download certain area map data from your Google Maps application and use it in an Offline mode.


  • You should have an existing Gmail account
  • Gmail account credentials to be used to login into Google Maps Application
  • To ensure that you have the latest Google Maps application from Play Store or App Store
  • Have sufficient memory space.
  • Get connected to a WIFI connection to save your mobile data
  • Should have smart phones or tablets (i.e. iPhone, Android Tablets, iPad etc.)

This article is based on using the iPhone 7 and screen shots replicate Google Maps application that is available on iOS platform. The interface of Google Maps might be slightly different compared to Android, but most of the functionality should remain the same.

Step 1:


  • Open Google Maps application by tapping on the App icon.
  • Once the Google Maps application is open, click on Menu icon that is available on left-hand top corner
  • The menu will slide from the left side of the screen.
  • One has to select on “Offline Areas” option
Step 2:

img_5191Offline Areas screen will appear where the user has an option to download a specific area according to their requirement.

A settings icon is available on Right-hand top corner which controls the Offline Areas information download

  • This screen will show you all the offline areas that you have downloaded so far so that it is useful to verify and use it at a later point in time. To download a new custom area, the user has to tap on “Custom Area” option.


  • Once the user taps on Settings icon user will be redirected to a screen where he/she can opt for Automatic or Manual Update for Offline areas.
  • Also, users can set their preference in terms of downloading information either by using Mobile Data, Wi-Fi etc.
Step 3:


  • To download a new custom area, the user has to tap on “Custom Area” option.
  • The user will be redirected to a screen where they can Zoom In and Zoom Out their selection and opt for the desired area.
  • Once the area is decided, user has to click on Download button
Step 4:


  • The user has an option to give a specific name for the custom area that they are downloading and save the information accordingly. This feature helps to maintain customized list according to user’s understanding and doesn’t have to follow any standard names that Google has to provide. Good job on that, Google Maps!
Step 5:


  • The download will be initiated and it will show you the total amount of space that is available on Phone memory and download progress is displayed on time to time.
  • The user has an option to Pause the download and continue later.


  • The user has an option to “Delete” an Offline area if they wish to.
  • Based on the settings, the user will be able to get updates on the areas that they have downloaded.

I hope this step by step guide has helped you to understand ” How to use Google Maps mobile application offline”.


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